Saturday – a full Primary at last

After morning shopping, ogling my potential new toys on Youtube and a spot of TV I got on my mat with the intention of seeing what happens, no definite goals, just an intention to practice, 2 and a bit hours later I had done a very slow full primary, even if I am still walking through the vinyasas to save Intercostal angst. First bum balances since the Intercostal went twang last Saturday, but not a bad practice at all, though the dropbacks attempts were not great.  At least I feel fit to attend the Shala tomorrow, trains permitting, they are alledged to be running. Hopefully Susan will be around for the second side of Mari D and the backbends, which are the poses my healing intercostal seem to be having the most problem with.


2 Responses to “Saturday – a full Primary at last”

  1. susananda Says:

    Thanks for the tips : )

    So glad it’s getting better. See you tomorrow!

  2. globie Says:

    Well done Susan, you arrived right on cue!

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