Wrist assessment

On the train home last Sunday my left wrist started to ache and then swell up and it has been a problem since, though some of the discomfort has now moved down to the top of my hand. I feel like some soccer players who seem to have one injury after another. It’s weird because I didn’t get an “ouch” moment during practice. My feeling is that I subconsciously favoured the left side to protect the week before’s right side Intercostal injury, especially in Upward dogs, Bhuja, Titibhasana etc, poses you can do but be a little lopsided.

Since Sunday I have only done some limited practices, though last night I managed most of Primary, doing vinyasas that were Upward dogless, as this still sent quite a pain through my wrist. This evening I decided to bring in some backbends, not having done an Urdva Dhanurasana, let alone a dropback since Sunday, so after doing Primary as far as Janu A, I dipped into some Salabhasana A’s, Dhanurasanas, Ustrasana and Laghu V, I have to say it actually felt liberatingly good to bend over backwards. My back felt quite open, a surprise being as its been nearly a week since I did a backbend, so much so that I tried some Bridges and 2 very careful Urdva Dhanurasanas, before a bit of hanging back. This may sound silly, but it’s almost like the enforced rest has allowed my back to relax and become more open.

So I am hoping that my wrist continues to heal itself and that practice on Sunday is the joy it should be, followed by brekky and lunch with lovely yoga friends who do me as much good as my practice does.

There are 5 more Sunday’s until Kino, though the RMT seem intent on wrecking my yoga over Easter and beyond with yet more strikes, hopefully we will soon get a government who are not being held to ransom by the union’s money and dinosaurs like Bob Crow, as a character in Ice Age said, it’s time to play extinction!


3 Responses to “Wrist assessment”

  1. Pat Says:

    Hey, keep your chin up (figuratively, that is!). When I have wrist trouble, I do Cobra instead of upward dog. Definitely modify like your life depends on it! Hang in there, you’ve taken eighteen steps forward, the one back is inevitable. Just breathe!

  2. Helen Says:

    Morning kevin, am on the train. Great advise from pat above. Take it easy, hope it feels better. See you Sunday.

  3. globie Says:

    Hi Helen,

    Hope you had a good practice at TY, see you in the morning.

    Hey Pat, it just feels like its been a while since I have ben “fit” and injury free. Hopefully I will be stepping forward again soon.

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