Wrist – More harm than good?

I was full of hope that with a strap on my wrist  I would be able to practice “properly”, or at least to a level that would satisfy me.  Practice is so much the good, enjoyable part of my life’s journey, that even when I am injured I have to be at the Shala on a Sunday, even if I feel like sticking warning post it notes all over me for the teacher, “Beware dodgy, Intercostal, Wrist, Knee” etc etc. I carefully did my Surya’s, stepping forward and back, the pain still more in my hand than wrist. Standing were ok, the wrist doesn’t have to take part that much, I was left alone in Prasarita C and I got an assist in UHP.

Seated and all those vinyasas were another matter, I tried a couple of proper vinyasas, but realised practice would end prematurely if I carried on and probably put back my wrists recovery, so reverted to stepping. Thankfully the Shala was nice and warm, so despite not jumping I kept a nice heat building up, even managing to bind all the Marichyasanas on my own. I had to abort Bhujapidasana, but still managed a nicely deep Supta K. The Shala heat makes such a difference, the poses feel more doable, there is less resistance and more release and fluidity. A lovely adjustment in Baddha Konasana again, I stopped “trying” and just let Cary’s weight gently take my chin to the floor. She came to help in Urdva Mukha Paschimottanasana, that was the pose that broke my Intercostal 3 weeks ago and I realised I was mentally resisting trying to straighten my legs until she came behind me to support and that gave me the confidence to straighten the legs.

Urdva Dhanurasana was a bit of a trial, not having done any meaningful upward dogs in the vinyasas to open my back it was a struggle to get off the ground, but I managed my 3, walking in on the last 2 and decided that I would try dropbacks. I had been “hanging about” when Cary came over to ask how many dropbacks I had done, I told her none so far and she went away. I carried on trying, it was becoming a bit of a mental block as I didn’t trust my wrist and the sun had come out, this makes my eyes water and I found it difficult to keep the focus as I almost ended up squinting against the sun. In retrospect I should have moved up the back, but eventually nerve and gravity won the day and I did a not very good dropback, just about saving my head, but jarring the wrist painfully, leaving me sitting on my mat wincing and frantically rubbing my wrist. I have to agree with Susan’s comment later in the day that doing dropbacks was not a good idea and that I have been doing this long enough now to know when I should listen to my body and not make things worse. At this point Cary came over again to ask how many I had done, I told her about the 1 not very good one, at which point we both looked across at Susan bending over backwards holding her ankles, Cary grinned and asked me if I was going to do that, I told her probably not in her or my dreams! So back to reality for 2 assisted dropbacks, though even with a relatively cushioned landing I could still feel it. Followed by the usual 3 x half way and then another incredibly deeply assisted one, where I think I did what Mel terms a “giving birth impresssion” 🙂

Maybe it would have been better to rest the wrist, but not practising would impact so negatively on my being and the week to come, I love my yoga journey, but my life journey is a slog that does not seem possible to get through without the yoga one.

Practice followed by nearly 5 hours of yoga chat over breakfast croissants and then brunch, I am so happy in my Sunday yoga environment, surrounded by nice people with good energy, chatting about a shared passion, that apart from blogging does not get a voice during the week.

My wrist has swelled up, though is not aching anything like as much as last week, I need to be careful, no kamikaze dropbacks, no toast handstands, it has 4 weeks and a few days to right itself.

12 Responses to “Wrist – More harm than good?”

  1. daydreamingmel Says:

    Get some arnica! And rest. You don’t want to over-do it now and end up not being able to practice in Thailand do you?
    And it was a pretty good child-birth noise…though after trying dropbacks myself with Kino I think I made exactly the same noise, I understand now, it’s completely involuntary!

  2. globie Says:

    Tried Boots at Euston for Arnica, but no go. I think it needs rest, so I will try and be good this week.

    The noises are completely involuntary, its like the air suddenly is squeezed out in one go, rather then being exhaled with control

  3. susananda Says:

    No arnica at Boots, really?? How is it today, swelling gone down? If it’s still swollen, then ice tonight?

    I didn’t give you QUITE such a lecture as that, i think… : )

    I feel bad for you, an injured wrist is a tough one. Acupuncture was what helped me, but hopefully yours will not settle in like mine did.

    Oh, and I also find it hard with the sun at YP. Durvasasana, looking into blazing sunlight – nice!

  4. globie Says:

    Well not in the Boots at the station and our one was closed. Swelling is down, it just aches into the top of the hand, so am hoping if I rest it, just do hang backs etc it will recover. Funny how it moved mostly out of the wrist into the hand?? I was hoping I had cured it in Padahastasana when my hand clicked. I just hope it heals in the next 4 weeks.

    Nah your lectures are not at Cary level, but I took the hint, cos I knew you were right.

    Had to google Durvasasana, don’t think that one will ever be an issue for me with or without sunshine LOL

  5. daydreamingmel Says:

    On the subject of weird injuries I somehow managed to bruise my knuckle today in janu sirsasana B. How is that even possible?? I think it was because I had a crap bind and put all the pressure of it onto the knuckle.
    Kevin the brand you can get everywhere is called arnicare, usually with the deep heat etc. Supermarkets usually have it too.
    I’m also on the slightly less holistic Voltarol pain-killing gel on my back but that’s another story! hope your hand starts improving soon, like we said just take it a bit easy this week.

  6. globie Says:

    Mel, how on earth did you do that?

    I’ll have a look for arnicare if it doesnt improve with resting, its in the side of the hand and wrist and feels like something needs cracking back into place. It has got better I couldnt bear to bind Prasarita C, or reverse prayer in Parsvott last week. Promise I’ll take it easy this week, need to practice on Sunday if the RMT tossers are going to bring Easter to a standstill the week after.

  7. Helen Says:

    That’s a very creative injury Mel. Is janu B easier now, on the foot I mean?

    Hi Kevin,
    Sorry to hear about the wrist. I would probably skip the vinyasas for a few days, but you have to work that out for yourself. Maybe explore backbends or something to move your awareness elsewhere.

  8. daydreamingmel Says:

    A creative injury, I like that term Helen! I think it was from where I don’t have a very good bind in that pose, I can catch the left fingers with my right hand but the pressure from my foot was right on my knuckle – in other words, I probably shouldn’t be trying to bind there because I’m clearly forcing it!! It’s no better with the foot yet either, thinking I should really ask Cary as my first teachers always said “don’t ever practice with doubt in your mind” and every time I reach that pose I remember it!

    sorry for hijacking your comments Kevin 😉 look forward to hearing that your injury is all better soon.

  9. Emma Says:

    injuries are the greatest teachers. but they suck 🙂

  10. Helen Says:

    Injuries are indeed great teachers. Mel you should totally ask Cary, she is your teacher afterall. I find the correct foot position uncomfortable on right side, my right ankle is slightly misaligned from childhood injury. Feels fine when I go out of pose though so I think it is good for it. Not sure exactly what your difficulty was as you did not finish the tale. But you should definately discuss with Cary if only to quiten your mind, lol.

  11. globie Says:

    No problem with hijacking Mel, I dont mind hosting an interesting debate. Injuries certainly make me more attentive to my practice, much more mentally in the here and now and not the next pose, or the croissants later.

    Helen, I will miss the vinyasas until later in the week and try and work on Susan’s ASIS rotation idea in backbends. I didn’t know I had a ASIS!

    Mel I love the idea of creative injuries, tho Cary always encourages people to go that bit further to try and find the bind in poses like janu and Triang Mukha.

  12. arturo Says:

    hi Kevin
    hope your wrist feels better. i’m going to SF for 2 weeks. i was remembering a Chinese massage therapist that i used to go to there who was concerned that her yogi clients seemed to become injured so she was not a fan of yoga, which we’re passionate about. so i ignored her opinions about it and just drew benefit from her therapy. her therapy was painful, though. she would ask where it hurt, and you didn’t want to tell her because that’s where you really got her fingers pressing the hardest like piano-playing. hehe.

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