A week of being careful

Kino time is coming round so fast now, 4 weeks tomorrow in fact, I am desperate for all my rebelling bits of anatomy to be well and ready to party on my yoga mat in the Thai sunshine. I have been spending a few minutes each day in Baddha Konasana trying to get my errant right hip to release and stop pissing my right knee off. I have rubbed and exercised my Intercostal and covered it in Tiger Balm each night to keep it warm and moving and I have done crappy kneeling vinyasas to save my very painful wrist from the stress of Upward dog.

Last night I managed almost a complete Primary, just missing out the wrist weight bearing stuff Bhuja, Kukutasana, UD’s etc, but the rest of the asanas were not bad. Despite not doing Urdva Dhanurasana, especially after the painfully abortive attempt on Tuesday night, I have still contrived to spend the best part of 30 minutes each day doing backbends of various types including hang backs using my new ASIS tactic.

Tonight the end of a long week, home at 4pm and on my mat for just over an hour of criminality. After standing I decided to play in 2nd series, figuring there are less wrist annoying vinyasas and more juicy backbends in second, though pushing up into Salabhasana B was a bit over ambitious. My back felt ok after Ustrasana so I decided to risk a careful Urdva Dhanurasana, well it wasn’t as painful as Tuesday’s but still wasn’t great.  I played around with Hang backs , getting quite a way so laid out the crash landing equipment in case I went too far, I ended up doing 1 inadvertent dropback, but managed to land it ok. It made me notice that if I land a dropback not too far from my feet, that more of the weight seems to stay in  my legs and exert less stress on my wrists than pushing up off the floor into Urdva Dhanurasana.

An hour less in bed before my crack of dawn train ride on Sunday, as the UK changes the clocks to summer time, though as it pisses down outside I think its a month or 3 too early.I hope the half an Easter egg i ate today is not detrimental to my Marichyasana D


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