Back to AYL today

One of those days today, I got to the station to see the train would be 2 minutes late, it proceeded to arrive 3 minutes early and then sit still for 35 minutes due to some pathetic excuse about a dodgy rail, probably the scum bag RMT tossers wanting a tea break if truth be told. This meant no chance of getting to YP in time for a decent practice (little did I know C had forgotten to change her clocks anyway!). Instead of the usually crap 36 minutes we got held up again and 45 minutes later I knew I would have to divert to AYL.

It turned out to be a good choice, Louise had it steamy hot in there, great for my intercostal, knees and wrist and much to my surprise there were still quite a few spaces in the main room at 8.20, probably cos the AYL folk are crack of dawn yogi’s, they wouldn’t forget to change their clocks would they 🙂 ? For the first time in nearly 3 weeks I managed 5 x A’s and 5 x B’s jumping back from forward bend without my wrist putting in any serious objections, rest of standing were ok, apart from a crappy wobbly UHP, but help arrived which was probably a good thing, otherwise we could of had one of those yoga domino effects.

Seated without a single vinyasa left out and I managed to even jump back and forth on most of them. My half a Flake Easter egg was not detrimental to my Marichyasana D binds I am glad to say and I was most of the way into Supta K before Louise came to finish me off and lift me into Titibhasana. It’s strange that was ok, but Bhujapidasana had been a bit painful, don’t get that.

Urdva Dhanurasanas that looked and felt like Urdva Dhanurasanas today, pushed up without pain and managed to walk my hands in a little, I know I still need to be careful and aware of both the Intercostal and wrist, but hopefully things are mending themselves. I only managed a couple of hang back experiments before Louise arrived to do assisted dropbacks, I had fully intended to do them on my own today, at YP it would have been expected, but as Louise was there ready to help I decided to just go with it. I think she noticed the difference since last year, going back much further on my own, walking in, rocking, then getting me back up with seemingly very little effort, this standing up thing has to be possible.

Decamped to the “Finishing Room”, where I had a nice long Savasana, in the hope of a positive text after practice about breakfast. As I walked back to the station the text arrived “save me a croissant!” Love hanging out with Yogi’s like Mel and amazed at what we can put away after practice, yoga certainly gives us an appetite, as can be seen from part of this mornings aftermath above. Think my score was 3 teas, 1 apple juice, 2 croissants and a Pain au chocolat!

The truly bad news today was that somewhere between Pret and my train home I lost my precious Yogitoes mat towel 😦 It had somehow managed to slide out of my mat bag without me or anyone around me seeing, I didn’t realise until the train had departed, so too late to go back and look for it. I rang Pret just in case, but no good news there. I am online looking for a replacement, but the prices for these seem to have rocketed from the £25 I paid for mine to somewhere approaching £50. Fifty quid for a yoga mat, maybe Madge or Ms Paltrow would be prepared to pay that. I need a towel mat for Thailand, my blue one turns into a skidpan at the Shala never mind in the heat of South east Asia, anyone know where they can be bought for a reasonable price. If any AYL yogi’s passing through Euston tomorrow please look out for my orange yogitoes and if any of you pass the Lost Property as you take the side exit to AYL, maybe you could ask for me to see if any kind person handed it in. Thanks in advance


17 Responses to “Back to AYL today”

  1. Helen Says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Sorry to hear about the train delay but glad you made it to practice and that your injuries are healing. Also think assisted drop backs are a good idea until your better. Bummer about the yogitoes, I seem to remember that you were thinking of getting a new one but not nice to have to. They are expensive aren’t they! I bought a cheaper one from yoga matters. As we discussed the rubbery bits are bigger so you can feel them, doesn’t bother me though!

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Helen,

    If it wasn’t for AYL being there I would of gone home and abandoned it. My body appreciated the heat. Think you are right about it being safer to be assisted in dropbacks until my wrist and intercostal are happy again.

    I couldn’t believe how much the yogitoes have gone up in price, I loved mine, its done a lot of miles and a lot of hours, it was light for travel, your ones seemed bulkier?? I may take my Mysore rug to YP next week to see how that performs.

  3. Pat Says:

    Glad to hear you’re on the mend! And I’m finally starting to sort out where some of these places that you refer to are – better late than never. I hope you find your rug. It’s amazing yoga stuff can cost sometimes! If worse comes to worst, remember that it’s an investment in your practice!

  4. Helen Says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Do not think it’s bulkier, the only difference I could spot was the bottom knobbly bits. I also think that if you want a yogitoes you should get one, I only use mine for backbends so for me the cheaper option works fine. The extra money is a bummer but you will get a lot of use out of it.

    I want a yoga bag rucksack that costs 50 pounds but am currently restraining. My mat is too big for my bag especially post practice when I can’t get my head around how I ever got it in!

  5. globie Says:

    Hi Helen,

    I think I found one for £32, but will ring them tomorrow to make sure it is what it says it is. I liked my Yogitoes and I do get a lot of use from it, so..How does a yoga bag rucksack work, is there room for other stuff?

    That’s my other worry that when I do finally ditch my blue one, could see light peeping thru where my feet go when I hung it up this afternoon, that a new one will be thicker and bulkier.

  6. globie Says:

    Hi Pat,

    Well you have been to AYL and TY now, you just need to come to YP and TLC to get the full set 🙂 You will be welcome round the Pret brekky table after.

    My orange yogitoes has become a necessity, I need the extra layer for Garbha, my massage therapist says I always have bruising where my spine is knobbly, am sure its rocking around the clock in Garbha that does it. Yoga stuff can always be justified one way or another…

  7. Maria Says:

    In YT they sell yogi-toe type towels for the equivalent of about 25 euro if you wanna wait til u get there?. maybe email them to check and see if they still have them, or maybe can keep u one?. Usually they have good stock. M

  8. globie Says:

    Hi Maria,

    I just got off the phone, ordered one from a company in London for £32, I need it for practice, YT is still 3 weeks away. Did you have a good trip to YT?

  9. Skippetty Says:

    I was gonna suggest a Manduka eQua towel instead? Slightly cheaper than yogitoes (last I checked, which would’ve been a while ago now though). Never tried a yogitoes, so dunno how they’d compare, but I love my eQua towel! 🙂

  10. Helen Says:

    Cool, glad you found one, a yogitoes? Well a thicker mat would give you more cushioning for garba… and you do not have to carry it around to much.

  11. globie Says:

    Hi Helen, yes another Yogitoes I’m glad to say.

    When my blue one gives out (Wont be long at this rate) I will have to get a thicker one, my bluey is only a 3mm thick, its light for carrying round, but I need more cushioning for poses like Garbha P.

    I just booked Kino’s led primary in London.

  12. Helen Says:

    Cool glad you found a cheaper yogitoes, sometimes better going for what you want otherwise you end up replacing it with what you really wanted anyway. Good news about Kino workshop, I’m not sure I can afford it will give it some quick thinking. Have booked on Louise Ellis retreat though, decided to just go for a week but to take a week off, hopefully in June to practice in London aswell.

  13. globie Says:

    Well I know they do what i want them to and I will get plenty of use out of it for sure.

    Glad you decided to do the retreat. A week in London sounds a good plan, try the EasyHotels if you can book that far ahead, clean and good and hopefully without any nocturnal alarms!

  14. Helen Says:

    Cool a bargain. Really excited about retreat and a week with my teacher in London too. Think I may stay at my usual place, fire alarms dis not bother me much and hopefully it’s not a regular thing! It’s close to the shala and is self catering which in a week will save me a lot. Great new about YP being open for easter, double shala practice?

  15. globie Says:

    Hi Helen,

    Yep plan to practice Sunday and Monday, tho still waiting for Cary to totally confirm the timings, sposed to be a 9.30 start, which will make life much easier, no need hopefully to run through the underground. Then plan to brunch with Mel on Monday. Much better for me, home alone out here in the sticks, it would probably end up being a chokky egg fest!

  16. susananda Says:

    Coming to led on Friday too? Can you get there for 7:30? I’ll be there, but away the rest of the weekend.

    Torn about whether to order a yogitoes or equa now, or wait to get to YT and get one there. Hmm..?? I’ve never had one before, but my rug crumples up too much…. I’ll use the new one at the shala and I KNOW I’ll be sweating buckets in Thailand and need it there.

    I google-imaged Koh Samui at work today and was drooling! 🙂

    Could you try rolling more along the sides of the spine in garbha, thereby giving the long muscles that run up and down there a nice massage, rather than rolling on the nobbly bits in the centre? I never had any problem with all the rolling stuff till this injury, ouch!

  17. globie Says:

    no cant get to YP that early. hope you have a lovely trip back home. So long as Cary keeps her 9.30 plan for Sunday and Monday I’ll be happy, is that confirmed do you know?

    never seen equa, my yogitoes has been a godsend, really sorry I lost it, just praying new one arrives tomorrow.You are supposed to wash them before using them.

    Koh Samui looks wonderful, especially after another cold, wet summers day here.

    I didn’t know it was possible to roll along sides of spine in Garbha, would have thought it would stop you going round. Will experiment when I practice on Thursday. Managed to get an appointment with Cristina for next week, she can attend to the intercostal and other niggles.

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