Led Primary- 1st time in 2 years!

Two and a bit years ago the only class I attended was the led primary in the L-shaped room with Easter on a Friday night. When that finished and I was forced to finally convert to being a mysore style student I found it a big challenge to self motivatingly take myself through practice, without being told what to do by a teacher.

In those 2 years my yoga has changed, I have gained “wriggle time” to get into poses, instead of almost abandoning them, I have become used to a longer, more challenging, but ultimately more satisfying practice. Today I attended my first fully led primary with Cary since I converted and OMG I can’t believe how hard that was to do, though those Friday night “holding chitvari” games we used to play, did stand me in good stead for Cary’s ever lengthening Chaturanga’s.

Standing was ok, it was however quite fast, which meant in the Prasarita’s I didn’t get time to lengthen out before it was time to move on. Seated are another matter, I didn’t manage Mari D or fully bind Supta K for instance, even though I can usually do them in the mysore environment. But I know its not the point, its about the breath and vinyasa, it just felt so weird being told what to do the whole way through. There were not many individual instructions and Cary speaks far too softly to pick up ones aimed at me, like holding big toes in Paschimottanasana, I was holding the sides of my feet like I usually do.

Surprised myself with 2 reasonable Urdva Dhanurasanas, I need time to set my self, not to mention getting a block for my feet, but today it was just a case of pushing up amd hoping for the best, luckily my wrist didn’t object. I wasn’t ready for the 25 count in Sirsasana or 20 in Uth Plutihi, torture until the end!

I used to think I would never be able to self motivate myself enough to do mysore practice, but after today it almost feels like the easier option!

Home to find the central heating has blown up and the engineer cant get the part to fix it until after the holiday weekend. Its a typical holiday weekend, wet and cold, brrrr roll on Sunday, at least in the shala I will be warm again.

******3pm update – CH Engineer returns with part, we have heat****


4 Responses to “Led Primary- 1st time in 2 years!”

  1. Claudia Says:

    20 uh tplutihi!, dear oh dear!, I hear you. I also went to led class today which I had not done in ages… but it feels so good afterwards! good to know I am not alone

  2. Kai Says:

    I’m going to a led class on Sunday, after two weeks of Mysore-style practice. It will be interesting! Even when practising on my own at home, I tended to use Sharath’s CD or some kind of audio recording to lead me. Self-led is an entirely different practice, I think.

  3. Pat Says:

    Led class is definitely a different animal! I do kind of like it for the reasons you mention. It gives me space to truly be in the moment rather than try to think ahead to the next posture. But I definitely need wriggle time for many postures as do you. Glad to hear your heat is back on line. At least they’re not forecasting snow this Easter. Have a Happy one!

  4. globie Says:

    Hi Pat, we actually had a light snow covering the other night. If I do led again with Cary I think I need to be nearer her, so I can hear the instructions and count.

    Kai, I use Kino’s DVD at home, I usually followe her standing sequence as the tempo suits me, then do seated on my own. I think its a case of getting used to the teacher.

    Hi Claudia, yes it does feel good after, but not as satisfying somehow because of not fully doing some poses which I can do in the mysore environment. I realise now that the counted led practice I was doing 2 years ago satisfied me because I had no expectations of ever binding Mari D, let alone Supta K or Titibhasana and was satisfied with where my practice was. Now I can do those asanas it almost feels like a failed practice because I couldnt do them in the alloted time. Speed yoga!

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