Kitchen yoga

I abandoned yoga on Monday  after a few Surya A’s, the lurgy won and I went to bed shivvering. Last night I got home from the Labour Camp and found that despite it being a chilly day, that the sunshine had warmed up my kitchen nicely, so I moved the table and threw dinner in the Oven and rolled out my mat. With the oven on the temperature was not quite AYL level, but quite comfortable to practice all of primary. I knew I was warm enough as I managed to bind Mari D. Backbends were not great, they never are after a day off, I seem to need to do them every day, regardless of whether I do a “proper” practice or not, not that I felt like doing them at all. But I ended up doing a full primary so that’s ok.

This morning I got an e-mail from the travel agent advising that my return flight from Thailand needed to be changed. Original one gave me 2 hours in Bangkok between flights, but they have now brought forward the departure time to the same time as my flight from the island lands in Bangkok, can’t be in 2 places at once! Eva Air’s attitude, despite it being their fault, was that I could have my money back, what fucking good is that when I have paid for my yoga and accommodation up front? No chance of getting a flight on another carrier at an affordable price this close to going .  It’s looking like I will still have to leave Koh Samui on my original flight and stay in Bangkok for a night and then fly home the next day, we are now working on getting Eva Air to pay for the Hotel. Moral of the story, Dont rely on Eva Air…

……Update 3pm …….

Travel agent just called to say Eva Air wont pay for the Bangkok Hotel, but will now put me on the earlier Bangkok Airways flight that leaves the Island in time to transfer to my original flight back to London, why couldn’t they have done that at 9am and saved all the hassle?

So that’s sorted, home to Kitchen yoga again tonight, I reckon I should be able to get to Supta K and backbends by the time my dinner has been in the oven for an hour and the heat built up. Then round my sisters place to feed her cat’s. Think I’ll stay round there and watch the football on her 42 inch TV, while trying to stroke 2 very friendly cats.


7 Responses to “Kitchen yoga”

  1. AC Says:

    Bloody airline, I’d be fuming with rage too!!

  2. Kai Says:

    I hope you’re able to work something out with the airline. A night in Bangkok might not be so bad if the hotel was covered. When I read your post, I got the 80s song by Murray Head stuck in my head! 😉

  3. globie Says:

    Hi Kai, don’t know that song.

    An afternoon and evening in Bangkok is ok, just hope they pay the hotel and offer me a reasonable one somewhere central. The airport is miles outside the city, so hope its not an airport hotel.

  4. tracy Says:

    otherwise known as “kitchenasana”
    wishing you only the best my friend~~OM

  5. Maria Says:

    hehehehe dont u HATE when the mess with u like that??
    I’ve flown with eva a few times, through Amsterdam, but no hassles like that…
    In general Bangkok Air ( if thats how ur flying to and from Koh Samui) are quite flexibe regards changing flight times.
    I admire ur will power. I would not be able to practise in the kitchen with the smell of food wafting out at me from the oven…. 🙂 In the morning when I practise in my room at home if I smell my flatmates fresh coffee brewing, thats it, I’m a lost cause!!!!!

  6. Globie Says:

    Hi Maria,
    It is bangkok Air. Eva Air seem to be their partner when it suits them. This will be my first time on EVA, I had heard good reports, but am beginning to wonder now.

    I still have the lurgy, so despite practising next to my oven the waft wasn’t too distracting!

  7. Pat Says:

    I’m like Maria – can’t practice if it smells too much like food. Glad to hear your flight got sorted out. It’s amazing how aggravating that stuff can be.

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