Hands on anatomy lesson

Well the good news according to Cristina is that going straight to the walk in place last month after the Intercostal muscle pull saved me a lot of problems, she said if I hadn’t done that the rib would probably have displaced itself again and I don’t want to remember how painful that was until she popped it back into place. The not quite as good news was that I have been subconsciously favouring the left side since, but fortunately I hadn’t done as much damage as I feared. She said although my left hip is more open and flexible, it is higher, but she concurred with Cary’s comment that my Sacrum and right side Psoas are tighter than the left forcing the imbalance on the left. I needed her to explain to me that despite it being the right side sacrum, hip, psoas that is tighter, the actual pain comes out in the left side QL, Sciatic nerve and Piriformis, funny how the open side gets the injury.  The real tightness was in the elastic band across the top of my shoulders, I thought she was going to play a tune on it, twang, twang, ow, twang,twang, ow!

She said although I felt tightness in the Piriformis it was nowhere near as bad as last year and that tonights treatment stopped it in its tracks, maybe I am getting better at realising when I need a treatment, so that it almost becomes preventative as opposed to hoping for her to produce a miracle and rescue me from pain. She slathered my lower back in Biofreeze before sticking her thumbs into the piriformis and getting it loose, its good stuff, may have to buy a bottle. I respect her honesty, she tells it like it is and if she thinks I am doing something damaging she never holds back from telling me not do a posture or to modify it for a few weeks.

She turned me over to deal with the ITB on the right side and the Abductor muscle in the right hip that goes up into the groin, quite painfully pointing out why and how it was causing the problems. I mentioned to her that I now, thanks to Susan, know where my ASIS is located, that I try to inwardly rotate for backbends, she grabbed hold of it to show it me exactly, laughing that she could only do that because there is so little fat on me!She says my body has changed in the last 2 years since I started to do mysore practice, but change needs managing and I need to take care, I know, I know!

I don’t know where I would be without Cristina, she treats my pains, tries to teach me how to prevent them, not to mention curing my IBS.


5 Responses to “Hands on anatomy lesson”

  1. susananda Says:

    She really does sound like a gem!

    It’s interesting the thing about the injury coming out on the open side, that seems to be what just happened to me too.

    Thanks for the email about Eva, I haven’t done anything yet as just haven’t been up to thinking about it. I am already on the super-early flight from Koh Samui though, so hopefully will be OK no matter what…

  2. Emma Says:

    ah! ah! that sounds so painful..!

  3. globie Says:

    Hi Susan,

    I am so glad I ran into her that night at yoga in the Town Hall. Though she is having a procedure on her wrist now and wont be working for a while, she has a massive syst lump, a kind of RSI thing from doing Massage and Upward Dogs.

    I suppose the dominant side is naturally stronger, so can stand up to more, then the other side is weaker but is worked more because of its extra openness.

    If you are on the mega early flight you will be ok.

    Emma, its certainly not a relaxing hour on her table, but its effective and I always feel better afterwards.

  4. Pat Says:

    Interesting. My sacrum is a bit off too but I don’t know exactly how. I seem to feel tighter on my right side. Hmmmm. A good massage therapist who understand what we do and where we want to go is like finding gold. I do miss the one I used to go to in the States – she was pretty understanding and always knew just what to do! Haven’t found “the one” here yet. I got so that I functioned best if I went once a month because something always crept up and when it did, I had to wait a couple more weeks until she was available. We do become high maintenance after a while don’t we?

  5. globie Says:

    We are like cars, the older we get the more stuff seems to break!

    Cristina does full primary, so knows exactly what is going on and what I am abusing while trying to do it!

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