Kitchenasana again!

I still have this cold hanging around, so I need to feel warm to even think about doing practice. As Tracey called the previous night’s practice “kitchenasana” I though I may as well do it again when I found my mat rolled up next to the Freezer last night. Much stiffer last night for some reason, it took quite a lot to get going.

I put the dinner in the oven when I started seated, because I seem to lose heat in my practice when I do seated, especially at home. Before Dandasana I did some pigeon and other hip openers and made the discovery that I can now get my left foot completely behind my head 🙂  The right side is not as open. The hip openers seem to make the half lotus poses much easier, again I managed to bind Mari D at home, before a decent Supta K, wearing trackie bottoms and a T-shirt means there is more resistance to gettting the shoulders under. I think these poses have been aided this week by a slight loss in weight due to the lurgy and not feeling like eating that much.

 I moved to closing after Supta K, I was getting tired, my body still needs some energy to fight off the remains of this cold. A couple of okish UD’s, then some hang backs followed by 1 dropback, head saved by a giant pile of tea towels!

No practice tonight, instead it’s an hour on Cristina’s massage table, having her thumbs in my intercostals, Piriformis and QL, hopefully it will do me good, my left side is quite tight from just below the shoulder down to the top of the hip. I know what her after care instructions will be, NO YOGA, DRINK WATER!


2 Responses to “Kitchenasana again!”

  1. Pat Says:

    I could use a Cristina visit myself. I hope it helps a lot….

  2. globie Says:

    i wish I could take her with me for Kino

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