Wiped out

I can only assume that despite having got rid of the runny nose, cough and sore throat that some part of the virus is still in me. Practice this morning wiped me out completely, I was like a spaced out Zombie as I walked back to the tube stuffing an Eccles cake I got from the Farmers Market in the hope that the sugar hit would bring me back to life. Practice does make me tired, but usually I may be physically spent, mentally I am usually with it, alert and aware, this morning I was tempted to go into the Futon Centre and ask them if I could try one out for 4 or 5 hours!

It was almost but not quite AYL temperature at The Lifecentre this morning, I like the heat in a practice room, so felt good to go, once those pesky Surya’s had been done. Standing just happens these days, only adjustment was in UHP. The heat definitley helps my seated postures, able to just release and go with Michaela’s pressure in Triang Mukha and Janu A, then managed to bind all the Mari’s and get myself bound up in Supta K before M came to lift my feet for me. I was left alone after that. Urdva Dhanurasana was done, not great, I feel like I have lost the ability to lift out of my torso.  I decided to try my own dropbacks, after a few minutes of hanging etc I managed to safely land 3, but they didnt feel that safe or structured. I seem to have lost that smidge of control I had developed in my stomach muscles. Closing Sirsasana took 2 attempts to get off the ground, so I wonder if this lurgy virus is in my stomach area still, though once up I did 20 breaths then Ardha before coming down, Michaela telling me to stay put in Childs pose and wait for my squish 🙂 Almost 2 hours with Savasana, though if I hadn’t moved when I did it could have been a 5 hour Savasana with the sun streaming through the steamed up windows.

That Eccles cake was lovely and well deserved. AYL in the morning, no chance of getting to YP with TFL screwing up the tube yet again, well I could get there, but I hate to have to rush my practice after rushing to get there. When time isn’t an issue I just flow through, but if I am late I start rushing and feel pressured and run out of energy.


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