AYL – Some firsts.

Quite a leisurely trip into the city, knowing there was no way to get to YP in time for a meaningful practice with the C-Line being closed, AYL was an obvious choice. And great to meet up again with Pat on one of her infrequent trips south as soon as I got in the door. We were just in time to claim the last 2 spaces on the front row. Surya’s with nose against the yellow walls today and no space for jumping through on the vinyasas. I do see people in the front row jump through, but I can’t seem to work out how to do it without crashing into the wall.

Hardly any assistance in standing apart from UHP, a new teacher I didn’t know and who obviously didn’t know my practice. Seated were more open than yesterday and I seemed to have more energy despite the temperature, mini assists in Triang Mukha and Marichyasana A, I managed the rest of the Mari’s, though on the second side of Mari D I managed to scrape a lump of flesh from my finger as I grabbed the bind. Supta Kurmasana was a first for AYL today, I was actually left alone to bind hands and feet and lift up, usually I lose the race, normally as soon as they see you even thinking about Supta K the teacher is there, but I wriggled away and nobody came and I did it on my own, yay… The teacher did come for Baddha Konasana, though I was quite deeply in on my own anyway.

3 x UD’s followed by a bit of hanging back experimentation. Now the thing with AYL is that there is a lack of crash landing equipment for dropbacks, blankets, pillows, bolsters etc, so I was a bit wary of going too far and was quite expecting someone to appear in front of me as I carried on playing around. Louise always arrives and takes me down and back up, but not today, she is busy.. So I carried on and found I was getting further back and nobody was appearing in front of me still, I could see the teacher watching from the doorway. After a few more minutes I folded up my towel and decided to go for it, hoping the towel would save some of the effects of the inevitable concussion when it went wrong, the towel also gives me an idea of how far away from my feet I am when I try to land, surprisingly, though why I was surprised when I do it most weeks at YP, I managed to do 3 on my own, my head touched on the first one, but the following attempts my hands planted before my head, so a second first at AYL, doing an unassisted dropback! Teacher did arrive to give me the Paschimottanasana squish after, but made no comment.

Decamped to the “Finishing Room” for Savasana in the sunshine. A better practice today, like there was more space in my body, more length and there must have been more energy as it didn’t wipe me out in the same way as it did at TLC yesterday.

Great to have time for a cuppa with Pat in the Pret yogi’s cafe after.


3 Responses to “AYL – Some firsts.”

  1. Maria Says:

    yey!! well done on drop-backs )

  2. Pat Says:

    Had a great time practicing with you Sunday. I rushed off expecting everyone to be upset with me for making them wait but I found out they were all still asleep or in bed! Could’a had one more cuppa….
    I think you should work on your Garbha Pindasana if your knee allows it 😉 You may not have noticed it but I got to watch both you and the guy on the other side of me doing dropbacks at the same time: stereo yoga. Very inspiring!

  3. globie Says:

    Hi Pat,

    It was great to meet up again. I could have stayed for another cuppa or 3 if we had known they were still snoozing.
    Stereo dropbacks, LOL, You were probably in a dangerous position between 2 potential crash landings!

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