Things are conspiring

In a weeks time I should be on Koh Samui looking forward to a weeks retreat with Kino, but I am now wondering if it will happen, I woke up to my left wrist being swelled up and very painful, despite not having practised on yesterday’s Moon day, I couldn’t even get the elastic strap support on to the wrist. I mistakenly grabbed the plate out of the microwave this morning with my left hand and promptly dropped it. Add to this Iceland is not satisfied with bankrupting the world economy, it now wants to drop millions of tons of volcanic ash on us, stopping all flights from taking off from all UK airports. Is somebody trying to tell me something I wonder?

I was hoping to have gotten in a lot of yoga in the weeks leading up to the retreat, but what with having the lurgy, Moon days, transport problems and now the wrist problem I am nowhere near where I wanted my practice to be.  It will have to be another evening of hip opening and stuff, anything not to annoy the wrist.


10 Responses to “Things are conspiring”

  1. Helen Says:

    Hi Kevin, bummer about the wrist. Nothing ever works out as we expect, dealing with that is what yoga’s about. Easy to say from the outside, I realise. I reckon you should avoid all weight bearing stuff though, it would be great if you could get it sorted for kino. Also ice it.

    I hear you stumbled upon one of my students blogs.

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Helen,

    Am waiting for the freezer to make me some ice, AC suggested that as well. I could accept it more if I had done practice or it had injured during practice, but waking up with it was weird, I can only think that I slept on it somehow. 12 hours later its still swelled up, I just tried an experimental downward dog going into a pigeon hip opener, crashed down into a heap. Hopefully if I dont practice I will be ok for Sunday.

    Funny coming across Ragdoll, but when she blogged about Mysore practice in Liverpool it was too much of a coincidence. Funny also that she comes from Herts originally too.

  3. Helen Says:

    Yes, how strange that you woke up with it swollen and it is a bummer. Hope the ice helps. I hurt my neck sleeping, the other night, sleeping’s dangerous! Hope it feels better soon.

  4. Pat Says:

    I hope it clears up soon – both the wrist and the skies. We were supposed to fly to Prague today. What terrible luck! So we’re going to Wales for the weekend instead. I’m going to invest in travel insurance from now on.
    I agree that sleeping is dangerous. But I really do like it! So what to do!?!?

  5. susananda Says:

    Sigh… I am nowhere near where I wanted to be either. Let’s just hope we actually get there. And yes, I have injured myself numerous times in my sleep, so annoying! I really hope your wrist gets better!

    PS right after I emailed you I decided to take the afternoon off work, hence no replies after that.

  6. Globie Says:

    Hi Susan,
    Yes I do hope we get there, we have been looking forward to it for so long.
    Can’t believe how bad my wrist is, no improvement this morning, am getting worried now. I wondered where you had got to in the afternoon.

    Hey Pat, sorry to hear Prague is off, though they are saying insurance comapny’s are going to invoke the “Act of god ” clause and not pay out anyway.

    Just have to hope wrist and weather begin to improve over the weekend.

  7. Maria Says:

    before I went to YT last time I hadn’t practised for about 3 weeks because of my back, ankle hamstring….. Sometimes you have to just say: Ok, this is it, rest, dont push, heal.

    Keep icing. But if swelling does not go down after 24 hours, thats strange? Have you seen a physio? You haven’t had any pre existing problems there? RSI or Carpal?

    If you feel need to practise, then modify, eg, down dogs on the fore-arms ( like pincha), stayong on elbows and fore arms when doing “up-dog”, … I think if you try yoga journal they have some articles there that may be helpful.

    Or just enjoy what you can do, like hip-openers etc. Its ok to REST completely before you go too…

    I hope you feel better soon.


  8. Globie Says:

    Hi Maria,

    The wrist has been niggling for a few weeks, but having a support on it has been fine. It has just flared up for seemingly no reason, I hadn’t even practised the night before.

    I was just thinking about treatment, but not sure what kind to go for, do you reckon a Physio would be able to do much?

    I seem to have no choice but to rest.

  9. Maria Says:

    Well Kevin, if you have or know or are recommended a good physio, I would definately recommend a physio over a doctor. A physio can (after swelling subsides) diagnose, manipulate the joint if required, and give suitable exercises. Rest of course is essential in the early phases of injury.

    My brothers partner is a physio, so I’m lucky, but in addition she is conscious of the practise I do, and bears that in mind if I need a bit of TLC from her :).

    My kid brother uses this gyro-scope weight ball thing to strengthen his wrists and arms (he plays gaelic football at a competitive level so its an essential). He swears by it. Maybe its something you could look into once you heal and strengthen?

  10. Globie Says:

    Hi Maria,

    Well I “Googled” a local Physio and just sent an e-mail asking for an appointment, just hope she has a space. Probably more chance of getting an appt with physio than with Doctor round here. You are lucky to have one so close to home.

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