No Better wrists

I was hoping to wake up to less pain this morning, but no, my wrist is still mega painful. I can rotate the wrist and can feel something “cracking” about 2 inches along from the hand. I can’t bare to make a fist, wring out a cloth, turn on the tap, grip anything tightly or lift anything at all, as for practice…. I can bend back my thumb and little finger, but bending back the middle 3 brings a pain to the centre of the wrist. The swelling is down thanks to icing. I am trying to stretch out the fingers, they have lived in a curl the last 2 days and having read an article on google about how we CAN damage our wrists during sleep, at least I know it was probably that which caused the problem. Apparently if we sleep with thewrist curled up, trapping it under us for a few hours, this can cause what I am now experiencing, so I assume that I need to try and stretch out the fingers.

Maria suggested physiotherapy and a google search found the only one in town (it’s a very small town), but despite sending e-mail and leaving messages on the answer machine I havn’t been able to get any treatment, so all I can do is try and stretch it out, ice it and pray that it improves by itself.

I am desperate to practice on Sunday at the Shala, but I am even more desperate for the wrist to be ok for the retreat in a weeks time, though the volcano needs to stop huffing and puffing its crap over all the airports to even make that a possibility.


4 Responses to “No Better wrists”

  1. daydreamingmel Says:

    oh dear, this isn’t good! Sounds like a lot more than a niggle this time…definitely you should try and see someone. what are the other options, could you not come into London to get it looked at if this physiotherapist doesn’t get back to you? Maybe even try and see a doctor in case they can help at all. Hope you get something sorted and fingers crossed for the volcano too!!

  2. susananda Says:


    I don’t know what to say, except there’s still a possibility that next week this time we’ll actually be there and your wrist will be a lot better.

    Good luck finding some treatment. Acupuncture helped my wrist and even though it takes several treatments, the massage part was really good for it… lots of shaking and tapping. Unfortunately the place I went to is not open weekends… just something to consider if that’s what you can find….

  3. Ragdoll Says:

    Really sorry to hear about this, it must be driving you mad. Fingers crossed that you do get to see the physiotherapist about it soon.

  4. globie Says:

    Hi Mel, yes definitley more than a niggle this time. An accumulation of all the niggles and one sided vinyasas and Bhuja’s finaly taking revenge.

    Susan, I am just hoping to be sitting on that beach this time next week. I did think about acupuncture, but as you say it needs a few treatments, maybe something for when we get back.

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