Ultrasound and Ibuprofen

I woke up to no improvement in the wrist, it seems to get even stiffer overnight and no contact from the Physio either. It’s getting desperate, so after a severe hair cutting I decided to head to the next town to the “walk-in” GP, which was once our A&E, but that’s a gripe for another time, the fact that we have to travel 18 miles for emergencies. On the way I realised I would pass near to a Physiotherapy place I used a few years ago and had forgotten about, I decided to give it a try, I vaguely remembered where it was and got the bus driver to drop me off. I found it, it was still there, I rang the bell more in hope than expectation and they had literally just had a cancellation, I got straight in, I would have been quite prepared to wait.

The usual history taken, then a detailed examination of the wrist and arm up to the elbow, it didn’t take much for her to have me wincing in pain as she gently pressed into my wrist. She says its still quite swollen, though this is my fault to some extent, I found I had been icing it for far too long at a time, apparently you are supposed to do it for 10 minutes at a time, not 45 while watching the news! She seems to think its a wear and tear thing as opposed to one big trauma and is hopeful that it will improve in the coming days. After flexing and bending to assess the pain and motion levels, she used an Ultrasound machine, which was cold but painless and then measured the range of pain and motion again after the treatment, there was a slight improvement, though there seems to be a lot of stuff rubbing together when I rotate going by the graunching noises emananting from just above the wrist.

She then gave me exercises to do in the coming days, resting it actually makes it worse and I need to keep it moving as much as I can and doing cold and hot treatments too and to take anti inflamatorys, not something I am greatly enthused to do, knowing it will piss my stomach off no end, just before I hopefully spend 12 hours on a jumbo jet, but needs must, oh and did I mention no yoga for a week or so. Also surprisingly I am not to strap it up, squashing the fibres, tissues and tunnels together will not help and probably make the healing process take longer.

I think seeing a Physio was a far better option than the GP place, even if it isn’t free, at least I feel like someone at least cares and is offering constructive advice and treatment. I have another appointment on Wednesday morning for more treatment. But no Shala tomorrow 😦  but as someone who texted me said a week in the grand scheme of things is worth it in the long run.

I now just need that bloody volcano to stop spewing or for the wind to change direction and send all that ash and crap across the Atlantic.


2 Responses to “Ultrasound and Ibuprofen”

  1. susiegb Says:

    I’ve got my fingers and everything crossed that your wrist does respond to the physio. I agree – I always think that physios/osteos are much better for these types of injures. Doctors just give you drugs for them …

    I really hope it all works out (wrist and volcano – talk about a perfect storm!) – and that you do get to Koh Samui. The workshop will be an extra sweet experience for you if you do get there after all this adversary!

    (And remember, there’s always Denai in Bali in October if you can’t get to Koh Samui!!!!)

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Susie,

    Doctors do just prescribe pain killers and not solutions, ironically its the round about way I ended up doing yoga in the first place.

    Yes the Dena option would come into play, tho it would depend how much money I get back from the Thai trip if it doesn’t happen. The airline would have to refund, but Yoga Thailand don’t, if I didn’t get a good proportion of the YT money back I’m stuffed. Just keep hoping the wind changes direction, there was actually a very thin layer of ash on vehicles this morning.

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