Optimism- Helping Hands

Yesterday was a very long day indeed. At 9am our flight to Thailand was cancelled, the volcano was pumping out ash and it seemed like our hopes had gone up with the latest eruption. I left work at 1pm and after lunch headed south, the M25 around Heathrow was eerily empty. Rather than waste the afternoon we stopped off in Woking to visit the Museum which my Aunt runs, called The Lightbox. The hands in the picture are part of an art installation that was produced when the museum was being built, it’s about 10 years since I have seen Marilyn, so it was nice to catch up. The evening spent in Guildford giving a lecture on Laos to the Guildford Travel Club, which went REALLY well, a lot of people came up to say how much they enjoyed it, I went on for an extra unscheduled 15 minutes but they didn’t seem to mind. And they asked if I would come back again at some point and do another talk.

On the way home I got a text  saying UK airspace was opening at 10pm and just as I passed Heathrow I watched a BA 747 coming in to land. I had hope, but alas our flight was still showing cancelled when I got home. I went to bed expecting to go to work today, but at 6.30 I got a text from Susan to say our flight was now re-instated. Its been a crazy morning, I e-mailed a contact at the airline, who phoned me from a coffee shop on his way to work, how’s that for customer service? He rang me again an hour later to say the 3 London yogi’s have confirmed seats on the flight, we are going, thanks Jimi, what a wonderful helping hand.

My wrist injury is still a problem, but luckily I was able to see the Physiotherapist again this morning, a really good treatment, even if I am aching now, massage, ultrasound and acupuncture on the hand, wrist and arm. She says the whole thing was started by a knot of muscle tension below the elbow, which shortened everything going into the wrist and sent it over the edge. Still no yoga until Saturday, but not much chance anyway, though I will have to resist the urge to do handstands and cartwheels around Bangkok airport if/when we finally touch down.

After 6 days of stress and worry I can’t believe this is going to happen, I am still keeping everything crossed.


17 Responses to “Optimism- Helping Hands”

  1. Helen Says:

    Fantastic have a great time.

  2. AC Says:

    Ya see, gotta keep the hope alive till last minute!!

  3. globie Says:

    Last minute is right, Susan knew at 5am but didnt want to wake me that early!

  4. Arturo Says:

    hi Kevin
    hope you all get to go to Thailand. enjoy it!

  5. Emma Says:

    congratulations (tentatively)!!!

  6. Jon Says:

    Hi, been following your blog from Arturo. The sun is shining brightly in Samui and it is waiting for you. Have a safe trip.

  7. globie Says:

    Hi Jon, are you at Yoga Thailand?

    If you are at YT, I have sent them an e-mail to say we are now travelling, can you tell them Kevin, Susan & Kathryn from London are on the way.

    We cant wait to see that sunshine

  8. Pat Says:

    YES!!!! Go fly and have a great time!

  9. fatou2002 Says:

    bon voyage!!!

  10. ahu Says:

    Yey!!! Enjoy it! It is great you are able to go!

  11. Alin Says:

    HELL YES!!!!! I am beyond thrilled for you.

  12. gumbomum Says:


  13. Grimmly Says:

    Great it’s all worked out, have a wonderful time.

  14. Jon Says:

    Yes, I’m at YT. Will confirm your arrival with the reception later. See you!

  15. Tiffany Says:

    I have been hoping you’d post something like this! I hope everything works out well and you’ll be writing about your trip next.

  16. maria Says:

    Yey!! Whoo Hoo!! safe Travels. Please say Hi to Jon for me, he’s on e of my YT yoga buddies 🙂

  17. globie Says:

    Thank Jon, look foerward to meeting you on Saturday.

    We are now in transit in Bangkok, we are here, knackered but relieved and overjoyed. Let the Vande gurunam begin!

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