Yoga Thailand – Here at Last

Finally I am here in this wonderfully tranquil yoga oasis of calm by the sea. It’s as good as it looked on the website. I have a wonderful room with a choice of upstairs or downstairs bedroom, a Balcony and a sea view, I am immediately glad that I took the decision to come all those months ago when I was umming and aaahing about the cost and affording it. Well there are some things that are worth the cost and this place is one of them. I have explored the grounds, walked on sand, met friends from London and Singapore and enjoyed if that’s the right word a take no prisoners thai massage in the massage Sala by the beach.

Apparently there are 10 yogi’s who were denied by the ash cloud, I am truly sorry for those people, may you have better luck next time, makes me appreciate just how lucky we were on Wednesday.

5pm we meet and greet, though I just met Kino in Reception. I love the big yellow sign in Reception.


16 Responses to “Yoga Thailand – Here at Last”

  1. daydreamingmel Says:

    “Well there are some things that are worth the cost and this place is one of them.”

    I have realised recently that experiences like this are probably the *only* thing worth investing in: they never wear out, lose their value or have to be sold when times are tough.

    So make the most of it and WATCH YOUR WRIST!! There are no prizes for impatience with an injury 😉


  2. globie Says:

    Hi Mel,

    That’s so true about experiences, nobody can take them away, they are worth more than any saleable commodity.

    We start at 6.30am tomorrow, I am a bit worried the wrist will give way on the first upward dog, I will strap it up for practice and just see how it goes. As we said we are just so glad to have got here, practice brings what practice brings.

  3. karen Says:

    So happy to he able to read along! “Practice brings what practice brings” — wise words!

  4. daydreamingmel Says:

    Didn’t the physio say not to strap your wrist up? If you can you should speak to Kino and see what she says about modifying. I get the feeling you are not very good at backing off unless somebody tells you to – Susan, maybe you need to have a word!!!

  5. Tiffany @ Moving Meditation Says:

    Could you replace updog with cobra until you’re 100% healed? Oy. I would probably be doing the same thing you are, but I hope you’ll be gentle on yourself!

    I’m so glad things worked out. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  6. Pat Says:

    I’m with Mel and Tiffany: modify! And do speak to Kino. She may have an idea that you haven’t considered, and with her telling you, you might even do the right thing! I’ve seen my teacher Annie modify the practice of people with fractured wrists and dislocated shoulders and they still worked hard in the series.

  7. globie Says:

    I was careful, I resisted the urge to jump back and Kino asked me about the wrist when she adjusted PPC.

    Mel, you are right I find it hard to back off, I know where my practice can be and that’s what I expect, Susan practised next to me, don’t know if she caught the wince as I tried Bhuija! the Physio said not to strap it generally, but to do so if I was going to be using it, so I havn’t strapped it at all during the days, but did for practice. I will report practice later, waiting for brekky to come out.

  8. susananda Says:

    Mel, I’ll do my best, haha!! As if I wouldn’t interfere anyway…. Kathryn and I are also on a mission to get him eating fruit !!!

  9. daydreamingmel Says:

    Susan I think you’re doomed to fail on the fruit score – I tried to suggest salad the other day too and you can guess what response I got!!!
    Hope practice was alright though and looking forward to hearing all about it…and Kevin when you are pushing through just remember, BACK AWAY FROM THE BHUJA!!

  10. AC Says:

    No point pushing someone eat something they dislike – let them eat cakes!!

    Don’t do more harm to yourself is my only advice. You’re a big boy so no need for any lectures.

    Looking forward to reading how the day went.

  11. globie Says:

    If Susan and Kathryn can find a fruit that’s as sweet as a sugar lump they may stand a chance!

    Mel I ate some shrubbery last night, definitley prefer the breakfasts, Muesli, granola, toast, I do drink frui juice it has to be said.

    AC , Kathryn actually got me in the pool this afternoon! They are obviously a better influence than you

  12. Helen Says:

    Hi kevin,

    It is funny because last night I was going to comment that I thought you has now realised you had to back off! But you did bhuja! Seriously !!!??? Oh and I do not want to lecture you on what to eat but when in Thailand you should try the fruit there are so many different fruits available and they’re amazing! I miss that. They can certainly compete with a sugar cube, yuck!

    Sounds like you are having an amazing time.

  13. fatou2002 Says:

    you don’t eat fruit? a ripe mango, not the fibrous one, but one that melts in your mouth. Or a really sweet and juicy watermelon, or oh, I should stop, I guess a strawberry covered with chocolate would be the sort of fruit for you.
    Are you getting your proper quantities of tea over there?

    have fun!

  14. Pat Says:

    Mmmmm, mango……

  15. AC Says:

    You wanna follow me in my vices?

    I’m hardly the best person to try an influence you to get in the pool when I can hardly be persuaded to swim myself……………

    I don’t molly coddle!!

  16. globie Says:

    Liza I hate fruit! I will drink apple and orange juice, but that’s it. Dont worry about the strawberry, just give me the chocolate.

    Hi Helen, Yes you know all about the fruirt and food here. I have a very sweet tooth. Bhuja ended up on the feet.

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