Kino – Day 2, much better

Day 2, woken when I still asleep, after a not very good nights sleep again, oh well, not like I have to do much else after practice here! Anyway it was much hotter this morning, much less of a breeze coming in off the sea and my shirt was drenched after the Surya’s. Standing felt better, though my hamstrings are still shrunk, but Triang Mukha and the Janu’s were longer and less painful today. I am not sure if I started earlier or was faster today, because when we chanted at 7am I was already doing Paschimottanasana.

I actually think my whole practice had more flow today, less faffing on my part and more energy and confidence in my body’s ability. Easily bound all the Marichyasanas, I think maybe I have lost some weight, I am certainly not eating as much as I do at home, though am typing this with a steaming mug of real tea and a slice of Battenburg! (I need the energy for the strenght workshop that begins in 30 minutes). Bhuja pidasana today I went straight to my version of crossing the feet but not lifting. Followed by a great Supta K, love it in these slithery conditions, its just so much easier. If I could have trusted my wrist I could have lifted with my feet behind my head, doing that is such a yes moment for me, there are some satisfactions in life money can’t buy. I got assisted in Baddha Konasana and for the first time in ages in Urdva Mukha Paschimottanasana, which was nice.

Closing slowed me down, I really wasn’t sure how much weight to put into my wrist, it feels a lot better, I have a feeling Kathryn’s impromptu swimming lesson yesterday gave it good exercise against the resistance of water. I played around doing bridges and was testing pushing up onto my head when Kino arrived, letting me put my wrist against her ankle to give it support as I pushed up into proper Urdva Dhanurasanas, woo hoo, she went off to help next door (Susan) and I thought my back feels good, so started playing around doing hang backs just to see how far I could get, the floor soon came into view and it was decision time, but luckily Kino came back to take the decision out of my hands or wrist and assisted me in dropbacks, which felt good.

Rest of closing, though again my hamstrings were screaming at Halasana, I couldn’t work this out after doing the Janu’s etc without pain. But a much better practice today, if my wrist improves a little more I will almost be back to what passes for normal.

After breakfast, which included being fed slithers of fruit without spitting them out, don’t ask me what they were, they all look the same to me (horrible) I then had a swedish massage, my hamstrings got some therapy at last, so hopefully tomorrow they will like Halasana as much as they do at home.

Afternoon Strength workshop

Which should be sub titled “send your pelvis forward” Second time I have done this workshop, but I find it useful to have stuff broken down. Began with learning to put weight into the hands and then jump throughs and back. When Kino said Bhujapidasana was next I was a little worried with my wrist, I did carefully do it, though I was being mentally scolded from across the room! I only lifted for a second or so while being assisted, we worked with partners, but it was enough for the wrist to start sending warning signals that I was pushing my luck. Headstand was ok, but handstand was a leap of faith, I havn’t done a toast handstand in a while, but with assistance today I was able to go up. I find it hard to remember all the little technicalities, even though they make sense at the time, so hopefully Susan will blog with more anatomical accuracy about what was supposed to be going on.


3 Responses to “Kino – Day 2, much better”

  1. Helen Says:

    Glad your wrist is improving and that you did assisted drop backs 🙂

  2. Kai Says:

    You’ll love the strength workshop! It’s fun and there’s so much great information!

    I love the assist in Urdhva Mukha Paschimottanasana too. If I have help, I can get my legs completely straight. It’s the balancing act that’s the big challenge for me.

    I didn’t know you hated fruit! That’s interesting. I love hearing about other people’s food aversions. You’re in a good place to explore that aversion – I’ll be the fruit is fabulous in Thailand!

  3. globie Says:

    Hi Helen, I was glad Kino assisted, think it would have too much for my wrist on my own.

    Hi Kai, I have trouble actually getting up from supine in UMP, bum balancing is a bonus if it happens! I don’t like fruit at all, trouble is if a miracle happens and Susan feeds me one I do actually like, it will probably be one that is impossible to get in Europe!

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