Kino Day 3 – Stronger

A better night’s sleep, I still cant work out how to adjust the fan in the room, I could only get it to turn off by pulling the “power key” out of its socket, sleeping instead with the window open, but at least I slept and woke up with the alarm. Practice today was much stronger, each day has been progressively better, more energy, more flexibility, though I still need to be very wary of not pushing my wrist too much. I also seem to be slowing down my practice again, a case of it filling the time available. Standing are now back gto where they usually are. The sticky morning heat is defintley helping, no breeze again, despite our prime beach side position.

Seated are getting their consistency back, I think the enforced break for my wrist has also been good for my knees, binding the Marichyasanas each day is not a freak. I have started to re-instate proper vinyasas, but my wrist prefers jumping back to jumping back through. Very little assistance in seated today, I love being able to do Supta K without intervention, though I could do with a “foot towel wallah”, the sweatyness makes getting into a bound Supta Kurmasana quite easy, today I decided to try and lift, my feet were so slithery that didn’t want to stay bound, my Foot towel wallah would wipe my feet once they are bound, so they stayed there in dwi pada.

Left do my own devices in Urdva Dhanurasana, so after some bridges I used the wall to support my wrist, then did proper UD’s. So much better today, though I need to walk in to help my wrist. Kino gave me time to play around hanging back and using the wall to do dropback down, much more flexibility, its coming back, but in the se conditions how could it fail to. Then Kino helped me do 3 dropbacks, glad she was there, even with her help the first one I landed too far back, which without support would have really pissed my wrist off. But the next 2 felt controlled and good, hopefully by the end of the week I wil be doing them on my own again.

Over 2 hours today, not that it matters, even if you do slow down in this heat you dont lose temperature.

Every day is better, may it continue


3 Responses to “Kino Day 3 – Stronger”

  1. Pat Says:

    Glad to hear your wrist is feeling better. Practicing in humidity and heat takes some getting used to but it sounds like you’re adapting well. Again, I’m jealous!

  2. susananda Says:

    That was Kevin by the way on my phone!!!

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