Kino Day 4 – Dizzy Matsyasana

I now know how to adjust the Fan which means I am getting a reasonable nights sleep at last.  Practice is better, stronger every day. Standing poses I seem to be left alone mostly, though one of the assistant teachers adjusted Prasarita C and Kino assisted UHP this morning.

I seem to be getting through the seated postures much quicker than I do back home, less faffing around getting into the Marichyasanas, though I have been spending longer in Supta K, trying to get in deeper before lifting up.  Though of course I still not dare fully go into Bhuja or more than a couple of breaths in Uth Plutihi, the wrist is improving, but far from being back to normal.

I did 5 x Urdva Dhanurasana then started playing around hanging back and walking down the wall, we actually have a backbending workshop later today, so I didn’t want to do too much. Then Kino arrived to do assisted dropbacks with me, it doesn’t seem to take much for her to instigate me coming back up, she has barely seemed to pull and I have engaged something and come up with good control, ass she said the other day there is no pixie dust that will make it happen, its just practice. We are considering ahveing T-shirts made with the logo “I send my Pelvis forward”! ha ha..

Practice had been good up to backbends, hot and humid is doing wonders for me, then when I got to Matsyasana a strange thing happened, as I went to arch my back I was suddenly very dizzy and started feeling really sick, I had to bend forward, but the floor was swaying, I don’ t think we had an earthquake, I had to leave the room to throw up, yes I know TMI, but its kind of a weird thing to happen, the previous times I have experienced dizzyness in yoga is backbends, but they were fine today. My suspicion is maybe a little sun stroke?? After what seemed an age to get my equilibrium back, I tried to do Sirsasana, but had to come down after 5 breaths as nothing was in focus and I had a swimming drishte in front of my eyes.  So a strange practice, every day my poses have been better.


2 Responses to “Kino Day 4 – Dizzy Matsyasana”

  1. Pat Says:

    The times I’ve gotten nauseous, I’ve been told that it’s due to toxins being released. But I’ve never had it bad enough where I had to throw up. If you’re not still sick, then I guess that’s a good thing in the long run. Can’t wait to hear about the backbending workshop.

  2. Maria Says:

    sounds like ur having a greattime… I like Pat have been told the same, and it still happens when I work stronger in my backbends and especially in Kapo for me, I always want to throw up. It is related to backbending I think, all that opening the front of the body…. Paul told me its to do with toxins being released in the gut. It does not happen so much here, but in Thailand and earlier this year in Australia it happened all the time, so there is an element of humidity etc (plus as I practise on my own here I never really get as deep as I do with a teacher….)
    A remedy is to try to stick to green juices apparently (I cant say if it has or hasn’t worked for me, as I have yet to psych myself into drinking spinach or cucumber!)

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