Awesome backbend workshop, Kino started off explaining with the help of her skeleton friend about how its more about the front of the body than the back, she said its better to feel pain , discomfort in the thighs than in the back, she also showed us where the Psoas actually is, its the first time anyone has explained its location and action in a way that I could comprehend.

We started off with lunges, engaging the stomach, then into the ribs, lifting the ribs up and in theory sending the liver and kidneys into the pelvis and the stomach up into the ribs, Kino said this is why some people look really skinny when they do backbends. We intensified the stretch by moving the hands into prayer at the top of the head and then behind the head. After this little warm up, we did Salabhasana, which made us think about how the legs need to engage to support the backbend. Followed this with bridge, but a much more intense version, engaging the feet, pressing into the big toes to keep the inner thighs turning inwards, lifting up as engaged everything, it feels completely different.

The hardest part for me is this sending the shoulderblades back down the back, mine just want to be up near my ears. We then did Urdva Dhanurasana, before working in pairs doing dropbacks. Although I have done this workshop before, I still got a lot from it that I can take into my usual practice, its just remembering it that is rthe problem!

Susan's favourite blogging pose!


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