Kino Day 5 – Pasasana!!!

Buddha on my bed

Todays practice plumbed the depths and reached to the heavens. It was really hot in there today, My body just seemed to be made up of little rivers of sweat. A much more conscious practice today, really engaging the legs in the upward dogs in the vinyasas. Practice has become consistent, the “hump” poses don’t seem to be the issue they are at home, Mari D has happened every day, Supta K is deeper, even Ubhya and the UMP bum balances are feeling different, my body is changing. Garbha Pindasana I managed to get my arms through for the first time ever, but was then stuck, I couldn’t move, luckily Susan saw me beached and came to the rescue, getting me up so I could rock round the clock, its great having one of my own teachers here, she knows when to be around.

I had done Urdva Dhanurasana and was busy playing hang backs and trying to walk down the wall, Kino appeared in front of me, I thought we were going to do dropbacks, but no, she asked me if I had ever done Pasasana, I said well not officially! She said its time to try and had me bound and then supported the balance as I got my heals down. She said to do it 2 more times on my own, second one I was so close to binding Susan again came to the rescue trying to join my fingers up for me. Thanks Susan.

Kino re-appeared to help me do dropbacks, much better after yesterdays workshop, I think I remembered to engage everything!

So after the high of being given Pasasana it was the low again of dizzy nausea as soon as I went into Matsyasana, straight out as the room span round and I tried not to be sick, headstand for about 3 breaths, then Savasana, when the world went completely spinning out of control, I knew I was going to have to be sick and somehow made it off my mat and out into the garden, this is not pleasant, why is it happening. There is a Doctor on the workshop she thinks its a combination of heat, dehydration (I’m drenched thois far through practice), blood pressure, and maybe something in my neck, its weird that it hasnt happened in Supta Konasana or Halasana.

But apart from this Matsyasana and what followed issue, practice rocks. Pasasana I can’t believe it, at last!!

13 Responses to “Kino Day 5 – Pasasana!!!”

  1. Helen Says:

    Congratulations Kevin that’s awesome, pasasana that is, sent you an email.

  2. CK Says:

    Are you lying down and taking ten breaths in Supta Sahasthith after pascimottanasa (and before shoulderstand)? Try it. It’s old-school and it may help relieve the nausea. Going from BBs to inversions without much of a pause can be too much for the system.

  3. Maria Says:

    Well done on Pasasana. Welcome to the worls of Second Series. Its a Prize that bites back though….. 🙂 I hope the nausea thing works out. Dr sounds like she knows what she’s taling about. Heed her advice drink LOTS of water during the day 🙂 Take care and enjoy these days of hot swetty practises 🙂

  4. daydreamingmel Says:

    Why can’t I post comments?! Writing a short one to test it.

  5. daydreamingmel Says:

    Ha! Now I can. Now what did I say the first time…?
    Oh yeah thanks to CK for telling me the name of the little rest I have been taking pre shoulderstand! I’ve been practising this since I went on retreat with Noah Williams (who is young but old-school) so what you said made sense! Kev I recommend you give it a try too 🙂
    And of course well done on pasasana, but then you have had my congratulations already…weirdly though after reading your blog pre-practice this morning I then got sympathetic nausea all the way to the shala!

  6. grimmly Says:

    Congratulations on the pasasana, you’ve certainly earned it.

  7. susiegb Says:

    Congratulations Kevin – that is so great! I seriously doubt I’ll ever get to 2nd, but am always thrilled when someone else does …

  8. Globie Says:

    Thanks Grim & Susie,

    I was very surprised, Susie I am sure you will get there with Dena in Bali.

  9. susananda Says:

    Hey. It was a bit naughty of me to try and bind your pasasana, especially since I’m rubbish at assisting that pose and sure enough made you fall out!! But after Theresa getting me to help in supta vaj 5 minutes before, I just thought what the hell! Really really pleased for you 🙂

    Garbha – imagine you’re doing navasana in lotus when you put your hands through… you’ve found out what happens if the knees are down!!

  10. globie Says:

    Hi Susan, it was great of you to try and join the fingers for me, your’ not rubbish at assisting any poses, I trust you as much as I do Cary or Kino, feel free next Suinday to have another go!

    Garbha does need the sweaty environment, that’s the first time I have ever felt my arms would go through the gaps, though I had never worked out that the legs need to be up!

  11. Helen Says:

    Lol sometimes it’s the most obvious things, have you tried using water spray. I am buzzing off myself for being surprised I did not know you did it, I read this blog all the time. I am a kevin geek and yet I had no idea, lol!

  12. globie Says:

    Hi Helen,

    Water just doesnt seem as effective, especially at home where you dont get drenched in sweat to the same extent, maybe AYL heat plus some water may do it!

  13. Monica Says:

    I know I am late on this, but before practice I sometimes rub some coconut oil on my arms or legs. It’s not greasy and doesn’t prevent me from not getting into other postures. But, it makes garbha a breeze!

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