Kino Day 6 – Led Primary

The Mat Tree

6am start this morning for Led Primary, our last practice with Kino. I had no expectations this morning, after 2 years of mostly Mysore practice I find it hard to go with someone elses count and lack of time to get into the postures. Kino though seems to like the number 4, a lot, it seems to take her ages to get to 5! This means I actually managed to bind poses like Marichyasana D and Supta Kurmas, no not quiteana in a led class for the first time, her slow count gives time for a bit of wriggling. It seemed tiring today, the backbend sequence was very hard going, I think we did 6 x Urdva Dhanurasanas, trying to stand up from the last one, didn’t quite manage that. I was wary when it came to Matsyasana, I did a slightly modified version, but managed the following pose Utanna Pidasana without the dizzy sick feeling managing to come up, so that was good.

A nice Savasana and then some chanting to finish off a wonderful week of practice.

Kino @ Yoga Thailand group photo


17 Responses to “Kino Day 6 – Led Primary”

  1. susananda Says:

    It was hard, but the chaturangas weren’t as long as Cary’s!!

  2. Jon Says:

    I think YT should have more mat racks outside the shala, 😀

  3. globie Says:

    Easter B. was the long Chaturanga Queen, after her Cary & kino are easy.

    Jon – The tree made me laugh!

  4. maria Says:

    the tree is great!!

  5. Helen Says:

    It has been great following along. How much longer are you away? She does like four…..

  6. globie Says:

    First time I have noticed the tree being used for mat drying!

    I am here until Monday, Susan and Kathryn are staying until Wednesday.

    Can any yoga teacher count past 4?

  7. Helen Says:

    Just seen your email, it is following weekend I am in London the 15th and 16th unfortunately. It feels like I haven’t seen my teacher for ages, when in fact it’s been 2 weeks, weird. Anyhow Paul D on Sunday, Monday. Also will be coming to London for 10 days, second week in June. Really looking forward to that.

  8. globie Says:

    Think AYL could be packed in June, all the Authorised teachers are going to Mysore, as far as I know we don’t have anyone at YP while Cary is away, so I will have to hit AYL if YP is closed. Can’t be having all this weeks good work going to waste.

    16th will be good, Maria from Dublin is also over that weekend, AC is back too, so still potential for a good yogi’s breakfast! London will be busy that weekend, its the Cup Final at Wembley.

  9. AC Says:

    Great read on the workshop.

    Well done on Pasasana.

  10. Jon Says:

    We become very resourceful after practice, hehehe.

    One… two… three… four… zzzzzz

  11. daydreamingmel Says:

    Gah!! I’m away the weekend of the 16th! My dad’s birthday. And nobody covering while Cary’s away? Surely not??

  12. globie Says:

    Hope we are not keeping you awake Jon!

    Mel, from what I hear there are a lack of teachers around in June.

  13. susananda Says:

    There’s a lack of teachers for that time, but it won’t be closed…. we just won’t have an authorised teacher. I may do the led Fridays… she asked me to do the whole thing but I can’t with my job. It may end up with the days being shared among the assistants…. so less experienced teachers but at least a place to practice….

    Will get the scoop on my return and report back….

    • daydreamingmel Says:

      When Kevin said there was a shortage of people I was going to write: “Suuuuuuuusan!”

      I *knew* we wouldn’t be closed, you can’t do that to a bunch of ashtangis! We’d all have a meltdown!

  14. susananda Says:

    PS Jon already slept all day in the lounge! 🙂

  15. globie Says:

    They should get Michaela, she wont be going to Mysore and she covered Philippa ‘ weeks at TY last year and is a great teacher.

  16. susananda Says:

    Tell Cary!!!

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