Kino’s gone, but the yoga goes on.

Orange Moon

Last nights moon,  was a brilliant orange colour.

Well half the people seem to have left already, but there are still a few of us around and luckily there is still a Mysore practice in the mornings at the more civilised time of 8am. The good thing is that only around 20 people practised and we had 3 teachers adjusting, not a bad ratio. I had thought about having a day off, but Monday I travel and Tuesday its back to ” that place” and I will be jetlagged and knackered, so having the chance to practice with teachers is too good an opportunityto miss, especially as I want to do my new asana, Pasasana.

It was hot in there today, no sea breeze, standing were ok, quite a lot of help from Jon and Tania, which was great, a really deep Prasarita C. Seated are awesome in these temperatures, poses like Marichyasana’s have happened, even though I got deeply assisted in all of them today and Supta K 🙂  I managed to kind of get my arms through in Garbha again, but got stuck (Susan was still in bed!). Left alone then until backbends apart from a great assist from Jon in my new Pasasana, I could finger touch on my own, but needed Jon to join them up, managed to do my own Urdva Dhanurasana and a few minutes of playtime against the wall dropping back before Jon appeared to give me some help, they were good ones, he had me walk in quite a lot before helping me back up, I really do have control coming up once the teacher has given me the momentum, its that’s momentum I need to find for myself.

Really good practice, lots of help, so alls good here on Koh Samui.

This afternoon I had a Thai massage then walked along the beach with the intention of finding the other temple up on the hill, but the wind got up and I was caught outside as a strom came in off the sea, abandoning the temple I started to walk back trying to take cover from the rain under the trees, but the wind got up and I realised I was liable to get a branch or coconut land on my head, so I had to walk along the beach into the full force of the storm, the rain was so hard I couldn’t look to see where I was walking, incredible deluge. I got back expecting the yoga mats and washing on the balcony to either be gone in the wind or drenched, but luckily the lady who cleans my room spotted the washing and had brought everything in before it got too bad, phew..

I am going to the restorative class tonight, no idea what that entails, but I’m here and its on offer, so why not.


6 Responses to “Kino’s gone, but the yoga goes on.”

  1. Pat Says:

    Civilised Mysore practice time, now THAT sounds like heaven!

  2. globie Says:

    Very civilised and breakfast is out when we finish 🙂

  3. susananda Says:

    A well-deserved rest for me after 8 days of practice!!

    If you can already touch your fingers on your own, you are off to a very good start.

  4. globie Says:

    Touching them and joining them are 2 different things, as I know from the Supta K struggle.

    How was the infrared?

  5. daydreamingmel Says:

    Don’t you two talk to each-other in real life?! 😉

  6. susananda Says:


    Yes, in fact it’s all the real life socialising that gets in the way of keeping up the blogs!

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