Last day- Practice, moving, shopping, eating.


I was awake quite early, so decided to walk down to the beach and watch the sun come up over the headland, after the storm yesterday, its a beautiful morning.

Monks and dogs along the beach as the sun comes up

I watched 3 monks with their little puppies, orange robes against the orangey-pink sunrise.

Practice was good, well actually one of the best I have had since I got here. Lots of assistance today again, 2 teachers for about 15 people, Jon and a new one from Finland whose name I don’t know. My practice has definitley been expanding to fill the time available, to the point that everyone else had long gone, leaving just me and Susan in the Shala! Not much help in standing, just PPC and UHP, but seated were another matter, Paschimottanasana, Janu A, Mari D, after I had bound myself and a great Supta K where I managed to lift out into Dwi Pada and jump back before nose splat.My bum balances have improved a lot, though I seem to have a very sore tail bone I noticed this morning. Pasasana again today, another finger touch, before the teacher joined them up and stabilised me to get my feet flat.

Backbends with Jon assisting, that was hard work, after a few warm up bridges, he assisted 5 x Urdva Dhanurasanas, walking in, trying to get the armpits to aim at the wall to undo my shoulders, then we did dropbacks, they were much deeper backbends today. Kino’s comment about pressing down into the big toe so that you get inward rotation has struck a chord with me, much like Susan’s ASIS idea, its coming together and the assisted stand up were controlled, part from the 2nd one  where I lifted my hands too fast.

So I have practised 8 days in a row, not bad going after 2 weeks off. I was just so glad we got here, I had no expectations of practice at all, but after a couple of days my body started to wake up and to be given Pasasana in the last Mysore class was such a wonderful surprise, the practice has gone far better than I thought it would. The wrist was twingy to begin with, but has survived with a support, ice and massage. Yoga Thailand has been a great experience, one I would repeat if Kino or Dena were to go there again. I was sorry to leave this afternoon, but so many have already left, at least Susan and Kathryn should get plenty of assists for their last couple of practices.

So this afternoon I headed to the metropolis of Chaweng Beach, quite a noisy shock after our quiet retreat, shops full of crap, some chicken things to eat, I bought a few dvd’s and a new pair of earphones for my MP3 player after squashing the last ones on the flight out!

I can’t believe how many of you must have been following my yoga journey here on Koh Samui, the blog has attracted over 3000 hits in 9 days, thanks for following, commenting and hopefully sharing in the joy of those of us who were lucky enough to be here, om shanti


16 Responses to “Last day- Practice, moving, shopping, eating.”

  1. susananda Says:

    Wow that IS a gorgeous sunrise, bummed out that I missed it!

    All the monks here have puppies, it’s so cute!!!

  2. Helen Says:

    I used to get up every morning before work and run and cycle at sunrise before work. Beauitiful. Have safe travels home. I’m off to Paul Dallaghan workshop this evening, excited! Thanks for sharing your journey.

  3. globie Says:

    get up in the morning and walk to the beach, sunrise is wonderful, happens between 5.55 – 6.15, then go back to bed for an hour before practice 🙂

    Hi Helen,

    It was a good sunrise this morning. Enjoy the workshop. I am just so glad we were able to get here and take the journey, glad you enjoyed following along.

  4. roselil Says:

    Paul Dallaghan is (also) a fantastic teacher, you do not have to wait for (female) guest teachers to show up at Yoga Thailand if this is where you want to be.

  5. globie Says:

    Hi Roselil,

    Yes I hear Paul is great too, but I don’t like having too many different teachers, I have my teacher Cary in London and I try to practice with Kino and Dena once a year, they are consistent and all teach from the same page and make practice accessible and understandable for me.

  6. Pat Says:

    Thank you for sharing so vividly your experience for those of us who just live vicariously through others more fortunate!

  7. karen Says:

    Thanks, Kevin! It’s been fun to read.

  8. Globie Says:

    Hi Pat & Karen,

    Glad you enjoyed sharing my journey.

  9. susiegb Says:

    And thanks from me too Kevin – fun and inspiring to read! Can’t wait for my Bali workshop with Dena – only 5 months now! No, I’m not really living that far into the future, but reading about your experiences have definitely made the anticipation grow!


  10. susananda Says:

    I do know when sunrise is thanks, I was up before it all last week!!
    Aiming for sunrise practice tomorrow in the pagoda for my last practice.

    You must be getting to London about now. Sleep well tonight….

  11. fatou2002 Says:

    HI Kevin
    as I already wrote on Susan’s blog, you guys should get some sort of a finders fee, for all those who will sign up for future workshops/retreats based on your blogging. it was great reading this.

  12. globie Says:

    Arrived in UK on time and home in a record 1hr 45mins from landing.

    Enjoy your sunrise practice in the morning.

  13. globie Says:

    Susie you will love Bali with Dena.

    Hi Liza, glad you enjoyed following along, we have had a great trip and some wonderful practices.

  14. ahu Says:

    So glad you all make it out there and the practice happened for you in spite of your wrist! anddd it is great that you had an encouraging surprise for your practice with Pasasana…
    thanks for writing about the workshop, it has been an interesting read.

  15. Emma Says:

    1 hr 45 minutes????!!

  16. globie Says:

    Hi Emma,

    Well it usually takes an hour to get thru Immigration and wait for my bag to appear on the carousel, then there’s the 45 minutes on the tube into central London, followed by another 40 minutes on the train home. But yesterday I walzed thru Passport control, my bag was 4th on the Carousel and I checked the bus station on the off chance and there was a bus to the next town to where I live leaving in 15 minutes, saving going into and back out of London. If only it worked like that all the time!

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