Pasasana at home

Having done a practice early (for me) in the morning, I decided that rather than plough through again I would instead do standing, then Pasasana and some backbends. Pasasana without assistance, ie being balanced is hard, I tried leaning against the bed, but then couldn’t get the other arm around, then tried to get the hands to finger touch and manoevre myself towards the bed for balance, crash….. I texted Susan for advice while she was languishing in the Immigration queue at Heathrow.  Alas she couldn’t offer any hints. I like the twists and I feel like it should be possible to bind before I topple over!

Backbends got better each day at the retreat, but because of my wrist I didn’t do a dropback to the floor on my own, I just didn’t trust the wrist to support the landing and I really didn’t want to be injured again and have to start modifying. The assisted ones were good, Kino let me get quite a way before she took the weight as I landed. Now I am home I feel like I need to be doing them again on my own.

There doesn’t seem to be much election fever around here, I just went to vote and literally had to wake up the guy on the desk at the Polling station! Mind you its a forgone conclusion round here, there is more chance of me completing 3rd series by tomorrow night than anything other than us getting a Conservative MP


9 Responses to “Pasasana at home”

  1. Emma Says:

    sorry to hear folks aren’t that big on politics.. maybe if more read your blog …. 🙂

  2. globie Says:

    It was lunchtime, expect more will vote when they get home from work, it was funny having to wake the guy up!

  3. daydreamingmel Says:

    Kevin if you could just try and complete 3rd series by tomorrow instead it would be much appreciated 😉

  4. ahu Says:

    Kevin, use the wall for pasasana. Take the wall behind you and place the hand on the side you are twisting to the wall and also heels down, and hook the elbow of other arm which is suppose to be coming to bind, to your knee… for exp. with left twist, left hand on the wall at the level of your chest maybe, then the right elbow hooking to your left knee… I hope I made it a bit clear, I wish I would send you a photo… this is a nice prep… x

  5. susananda Says:

    Pasasana = bandhas: sinking hips back without toppling over backwards. Bind is just like mari D. I struggled with this one and still do sometimes, fell out first side today! The only thing that helps is time and not being bloated – IBS type stuff will kill this one.

    I didn’t vote, I’m just trying to get my life together today…

  6. susananda Says:

    PS thanks for keeping me entertained in the immigration queue!!

  7. daydreamingmel Says:

    Susan, vote!! I’ll tell you who if you’re undecided 😉
    Cary was doing a straw poll on the way in this morning and seems like lots of ashtangis aren’t bothering!
    (notice I can’t join in on the pasasana conversation so I’m just going for politics…)

  8. Maria Says:

    I know I’m joining this late, but I have also experienced that here a lot of yogi’s dont vote either! I dont understand it!! We are so lucky to have the right to do so, when all over the world people are denied the right to democratic elections.
    Whither you think you are going to have any say on the eventual outcome, or whither you believe which way you vote is going to have any influence is almost irrelevant to the act of voting itself, because the act of voting is a way of saying “thank you” to the people who have actually, literally died, so that you have that right to expression.

    Over and out on the political musing….

    Re pasasana
    Keep at it it, it will come. I have used the wall, and the rolled up mat under the heels… its one of those poses that requires a lot of work… and i still cant get both heels down perfectly, but instead of hating it ( as I did initiallt) I kinda like it now
    It is like the Marichy’s in that respect 🙂

  9. globie Says:

    Hi Maria,

    Pasasana feels like it should be possible as I like the twists and can usually do them, I can finger touch which makes it feel possible. I certainly don’t hate it, I am just so mdelighted to be doing it “officially!”

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