Survived the first week back

At last Friday has arrived, its been a long week, going straight back to work on very little sleep, the usual depression set back in as soon as I walked through the Company doors on Tuesday morning, talk about “Sick building syndrome”. I always hope life will somehow be better after doing a yoga retreat, my mother said I looked well, even if I wasn’t very brown. It doesn’t take long to realise that nothing has changed back here in the real world, especially in “that” place where we had “Cakegate 2” this week. You would not believe how explosive a few crumbs can be, that’s the problem they blow things up out of all proportion, its totally ridiculous and leaves an atmosphere, god I hate that place.

Practice has been a bit sporadic the last few days, playing Pasasana, my new pose, though its nowhere near as twisted in these chilly temperatures. I have been doing lots of backbends, though I have only completed one primary series. All those vinyasas annoy my wrist, in the Thai heat my wrist was healing well, back here in the cold it’s another story, I fear more expensive Physio will be needed, especially after this weekends double Shala practice.

Thanks to Susan my mind lust has changed after the 11 days in Thailand, a few months ago I couldn’t decide between getting a Nintendo DS or one of the yet to appear I-Pads, I have ordered neither and wasn’t bothered, but after spending time playing on Susan’s I-Phone, I am tempted to the point of actually e-mailing an enquiry about contracts and keeping my number, though phones 4 U have yet to get back to me.

Its going to be a busy weekend, Saturday yoga at TLC, followed by running the travel club, a night at the BG B&B before practice on Sunday when I get to humbly tell my teacher that Kino gave me Pasasana, will she let me continue to do it, though I still can’t stand up?


8 Responses to “Survived the first week back”

  1. susiegb Says:

    Hey Kevin – the first week back from a big trip is always awful I think, no matter what your work is like …

  2. susiegb Says:

    Didn’t mean to send that quite then! But – the other thing I wanted to say was, if you’re thinking of getting an iPhone, then wait till June/July as there’ll be a new one coming out then! I’m planning to get one finally too, but am definitely waiting for the new release as it’s only a couple of months away.

  3. emma Says:

    good luck with talking to your teacher! im sure it will work out well 🙂

  4. AC Says:

    Whatever the response from teacher, not to worry – you won’t be eaten!!

  5. Pat Says:

    My old co-workers used to complain that I was always very grumpy after coming back from a holiday. I said it was because I was sad to be at work rather than still where I was! We’re waiting too to hear about the weekend. I hope it all goes well.

  6. susananda Says:

    True enough, if there was going to be a bad reaction from Teacher, AC would be in tatters already : ) : )

    Go for the iPhone! You have everything in your POCKET. iPad is hugely uninteresting to me at the moment. However, good advice to wait a little and investigate, as you could either wait for the newer model and get that, or probably get a deal on the ‘old’ model I have (still pretty spectacular)…. that is what I did before the last release and got one FREE on contract (that offer was on for exactly one month).

    Itching for a practice, see you tomorrow!!

  7. Globie Says:

    Great practice this morning with M. cant wait to practice tomorrow.
    I wonder what extra advantages waiting for the newer iphone would bring, Susans was fun.
    In my BG b&b, 200 metres from the shala. Fingers crossed for Pasasana at YP. Michaela gave me a great adjustment in it this morning.

  8. AC Says:

    Yeah, I’d be relegated to newbies class for X years big time – I don’t mind, I’m humble!!!

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