Pasasana a la bed

After some good Shala practices at the weekend I was intending to have a rest day, but after Monday’s very tedious day at the Labour Camp I ended up practising to Supta K, trying Pasasana, before some dismal backbends. I just needed to do practice, not to do great postures but to return my mind to a state of equilibrium, practice is medicine without the side effects.

I don’t think my wrist appreciated the extra vinyasas however and I have to wait now until Saturday for an appointment with the Physiotherapist, hopefully her Ultrasound machine and acupuncture pins will set me back on the road to recovery.

This evening again after a day in that place, I just had the urge to stretch, but knew I couldn’t risk pissing my wrist off even more so ended up doing standing, then Pasasana. It’s not just a case of the novelty of having a new pose, but a feeling that I need to do it every day to get some progress, as well as the added bonus that it doesn’t annoy my wrist. I found a way to self adjust using the bed tonight, I can get a twist on almost as deep as a teacher adjusting and stabilising me, by starting with my back to the bed, reaching round as far as I can, ending up sideways on, but stable enough to get a deep twist, I think this will be the way to go after trying to do it without the bed first. I am quite relaxed about Pasasana, I love the twists and it just feels like its a matter of time.

Pasasana is a milestone for me, but I now realise that when Kino gave it to me, it wasn’t just a case of getting it, but also how wonderful  it was to have someone next to me who understood just how much it meant, who shared in my surprise and joy, clapped their hands and appreciated just how much I have put into that moment over the last few years. I can’t even do it for god’s sake, but having someone to immediately share it with made it special. When I did my first dropback on that aussie beach last year that too was a wonderful moment, but those in the vicinity that day probably thought my joy was just another deranged Pom on holiday who’d overdosed on sun and beer. I wish I had been able to share that moment too, instead of having to send texts 10,000 miles. Though doing it a month later in the shala in front of my teacher was almost as good.

Before I went to Thailand I bought some Fudge, I played this mental game of if I can resist eating it, just maybe the ash cloud will lift. If the ash didn’t lift then it was mine as a consolation. Well I had forgotten I had bought it until today, when I re-discovered it still sealed up in the bottom of my Granola barrell, I am tempted to keep it as a Pasasana binding reward, but I think it will have gone off by then.


6 Responses to “Pasasana a la bed”

  1. claudia Says:

    you are the second person from whom I hear the drop backs happened in a beach, while on vacation, I wonder if it is a trend… and yes I agree with the specialness of some moments, yet how private they are…

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Claudia,

    The soft sand gave me the courage to try a dropback on my own, knowing if it went wrong it wouldn’t hurt, I had got to the point of needing to try and it just happened. Although there were lots of people doing practice around me when Pasasana happened, there was only 1 who understood and appreciated the moment.

  3. susananda Says:

    Hey! I can’t remember what I was doing when she gave it to you, but I clearly remember her asking you – ‘so you practice once a week with Cary, right? and the rest of the days by yourself?’… and then telling you to do it just like that – I suppose having grasped the depth of your dedication to the practice. I nearly had to stop – woo-hoo!!! Kevin pasasana!!! 🙂 but managed to wait until she’d gone away to give you a look.. LOL. I’m glad you like it, sounds like you’re already having an easier time with it than I did. I didn’t get this one easily and it’s still one of the first to go, although I’m also FINALLY starting to get deep enough to enjoy the juicy twist.

    Happy pasasanas and welcome to 2nd series!

  4. globie Says:

    Thanks Susan,

    Though I am beginning to notice it on the insides of my feet, weird, or is that how it is?

  5. susananda Says:

    Er, that’s how it is, or was for me. Only during though, never after practice. Agony on the tops of the feet and shins, krounchasana very soothing afterwards. Much better now though, it’s getting a lot more interesting : )

  6. globie Says:

    Well I hope that at least proves I am doing it right. It didn’t hurt after, so that’s good. Certainly is more interesting 🙂

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