Primary + Pasasana’s new focus

I managed a full primary last night, though it was very, very slow for some reason. Maybe it being eve of Moon day had something to do with it. My wrist is still a BIG problem, I am having to walk through my vinyasas, rather than jumping and I had to very quickly bail out on Bhujapidasana, “oh no you don’t” said the sharp pain.

For the previous 14 months the focus of my practice has been backbends and in particular dropbacks and my futile attempts at standing up again. It seemed that practice was all about getting to backbends. Pasasana has given my practice a whole new outlook.

Going by Susan’s comments about the discomfort Pasasana induces in the tops of the feet, I seem to at least be doing it right! I thought the feet were just for standing on in this pose, but going by the discomfort there is obviously a lot more going on, than just a deep twist in the upper body. I am finding that the first side is much harder then the second, in fact last night I found that on the 2nd side once deeply twisted, though not bound, that I could stand up a little and balance away from the bed.

But having Pasasana has been great, with having to cut back on the backbends and abandon dropbacks altogether because of my wrist, my practice doesn’t just fizzle out after seated.

Moon day today, some kind of practice later, though not a full practice. Another appointment with the Physiotherapist tomorrow, hopefully things will improve with the wrist.


2 Responses to “Primary + Pasasana’s new focus”

  1. Emma Says:

    it sounds like your practice helps you listen to your body… rock on!

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Emma,

    Practice teaches us so much.

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