Another anatomy lesson – I have a Pisiform!

Despite it being a Moon day I did 75 minutes practice last night, after a day in that place I just have this urge to stretch and move. The other reason I practised was because this morning I had an appointment with the Physiotherapist about my wrist again. The wrist is much improved, but still not right, especially after the other morning when I tried to turn the tap on to fill the kettle, my wrist moved, the tap didn’t, leaving me bouncing up and down blaspheming in the kitchen.

Now that the big swelling has gone down, she was able to work out what is going on, comparing not only the movement and pain threshhold with how it was, but with the other wrist. I could feel that she was able to examine it more deeply. After much pressing, prodding, gentle twisting, some of which was a bit painful, she discovered that my Pisiform (thanks to Susan for the correct spelling so I could google it!) on the left wrist has too much movement, probably from all those upward dogs and that another area is far too tight and this is what sent my wrist over the edge. No acupuncture this time, but a long session of Ultrasound, followed by her putting some strapping to support the Pisiform, which is pulling the area tight. She said I need to strap it for yoga and any repetitive actions, but at least this time she told me it’s ok to do practice, so long as I am careful and I already know Susan will be keeping an eye on me tomorrow. She has given me more exercises to do as well, but says that its mending slowly. Yoga is ok, I am aware and conscious of my movements, its thoughtless movements like the tap I have to watch out for. But she has discharged me, so here’s hoping.

On the way back I called into the mobile phone shop to possibly see about my new toy, the more I look at the I-phone on the web and play with other peoples the more I want one, but our local store is tiny, they didn’t even have one and were less than helpful. One guy looked like Herman Munster, he had stitches from his forhead and down the side of his face, maybe a prospective customer had wacked him!

2 Responses to “Another anatomy lesson – I have a Pisiform!”

  1. Pat Says:

    I learned a new word today too. And since my wrist is starting to bother me as well, I am keenly interested. Exactly which part of your wrist was hurting you (just in case I have the same thing)? It seems like everyone here has either a Blackberry or iPhone, you will soon be in good company.

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Pat,

    It was the middle of the wrist and the pinky finger side that swelled up and were excruciating, the middle is now ok, but twisting actions like the tap or wringing out a dishcloth are still painful to the outter side of the wrist. Having now googled the Pisiform and where she has strapped it up it makes sense.

    I bought a new Tocco last year, thinking I was keeping up, but having played with Susan’s I-Phone I feel like I am a dinosaur again!

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