A Yoga, Party, Mela weekend

Well apart from Thailand this has been the best weekend of 2010, yoga twice, despite the crap trains, a lovely garden party then the Mela in East London. And we even have sunshine and warmth 28c or for those of us who prefer 82f.

Practice on Saturday at TLC with Philippa, the place was packed, we kept making spaces somewhow so everyone got to practice, really warm in there, great love it like that, doing the Mari’s in that heat rocks and as for Supta K, woo hoo, I was really deep, then got a great assist to lift leaving me almost bum balanced with hands in prayer and my feet behind my head. A nice assist into Pasasana as well, Philippa had me balanced and feet flat. Backbends were crap, my wrist just hates pushing up from that position, even trying to quickly walk the hands in didn’t help, I managed 3 but bailed out on dropbacks, being a 2 day yoga weekend I didn’t want to miss day 2. I love the time I get at TLC, closing is never rushed and Savasana can last.

The afternoon was fun, I nipped into the Apple store just to play with an I-Phone before heading east to Cary’s ashtangi garden party. A lovely afternoon in the sun,chatting with people I only see in passing at Shala’s, great to see Eunice, Ruth and Louise with her new baby Veeva. So many new baby’s, we had the creche end of the garden and the other end, with much meeting in the middle.

I thought I was never going to get to practice this morning, diverting to AYL was a distinct possibility as the train got later and later, but after a sprint through the tube I got to YP at 8.20, though taking the place in the corner was a mistake, the sun was blinding and I was soon drenched, I cut down on the Surya’s, A) because I was warmed up already and B) the time factor. Standing do feel easier in this heat, but sprinting through the underground shortens the hamstrings. Only assist was in Prasarita C, though Cary was wary of my wrist, so didn’t push too hard. She also arrived for UHP, just as well, my wavering foot was havibg a problem staying upright, though being blinded wasn’t helping things either.

Seated are becoming a bit of a trial with my wrist, I have started to jump back again. It was a bit of synchronised yoga with Kristen next door, we started at the same time and were virtually on the same posture the whole way through practice, though I wish some of my postures looked more like hers do. Cary was on me in seated, Janu A about the foot position of the extended leg, so that I engage the inside of the knee, then deep assists in Mari A & C, before I managed D on my own. Bhuja was a cop out, I lifted a little, but I am so worried about my wrist giving way if I try the exit. Second day running for a great Supta K and again help arriving once I am already in, but Cary pushes me in this Kurmasana widening the legs, imploring me to stretch more and more, straightening the legs, even standing on them at one point, but entering Supta Kurmasana after that was easy, but again bailed on the exit. I need to find a safe way to test my wrist before re-instating Titibhasana. Left alone to plough through the rest of seated until Pasasana, I had been trying on my own, but today for the first time Cary came to assist, advise and give me some pointers, shit I had noooo idea Pasasana was THAT hard, my god did she make me work and now I have an extra strengthener to do now,Β  squatting with my arms out straight for 10 breaths, but she says I’m close to doing it. I remember her saying that about dropback and it took months! During seated I noticed in the Vinyasas that my back was stiffening up, Upward Dog became look up, because my back was beding less with each one, so I was mentally dreading Urdva Dhanurasana. I pushed onto my head, then up, but was soon being told to rotate my ankles out and elbows in or was it the other way round, but somehow I managed 3 OK ones, but my wrist was screaming, it doesn’t like pushing from that position at all. No dropbacks today, to be honest I was shattered, having to run to get there, followed by a hot practice had wiped me out. Advice right up to the end as I got my Mudra position adjusted in the closing breathing and then arm straightening, I wont see Cary again until mid July now, she certainly left me with lots to work on, but I need to recover first!

After practice I tried following Susan’s directions rather than get the bus, walking down Brick Lane was fun, but I missed the road she said I had to turn right on and ended up lost in Whitechapel! Yes Susan I know, I should get that I-phone! It was worth the walk to the Mela which started in Bishops Sqaure with the Mayor cutting the ribbon before the procession of drummers, musicians, dancers and mechanical animals set off back along the route I should have taken!

Mela Elephant


5 Responses to “A Yoga, Party, Mela weekend”

  1. daydreamingmel Says:

    Last time with Cary? What about next weekend?

  2. globie Says:

    There are no trains next Sunday, so can’t get there anyway, but she said YP may be closed Sunday and Monday anyway.

  3. susananda Says:

    Ah! Home practice next weekend.

    Glad you got there in the end! Even getting lost I think it’s still better than the bus??

    Kevin, since today I was right behind you, I couldn’t help but notice your hands slipping towards me in backbends and how excruciating it looked on your wrist. You have to do something to stop your hands slipping away in the heat, even if it means going to the wall! That angle is no good for the wrist.

    You’ll get pasasana in no time, tough pose though πŸ™‚ I bet your feet were burning again today!

  4. globie Says:

    Hi Susan,

    One day I’ll have to have a proper wander around that area.

    You are correct about the wrist in backbends just now, it hurt. Think that is why Cary didn’t do dropbacks with me. She said backbends are the hardest thing when you have a wrist problem.

    Pasasana feels like it should be possible, I have the twist, I need the balance to find the bind, my feet were really burning, but it was taking more out of me in general too. Oh well home practice next weekend, unless AYL is open on Monday, though the Lifecentre’s website is showing them open on Saturday, so I may get to practice after all πŸ™‚

  5. StEvE Says:

    Hi Globie,
    Hope you’re well. I just got pointed back towards your blog by Grimmly, because I was moaning & groaning about pasasana. I’ve been working on that posture for TOO long, and progressing really slowly (about a year & a half now).

    About returning to standing though, I found it invaluable to put a lot of focus on staying with the inhale, and also on keeping the head right back (seems to centre & ground the whole affair). I was having a right frustrating time with it when I was at AYL, until ‘you know who’ sussed out that I was expiring the inhale before being ‘over the hump’. Hope it helps!

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