One day off, then back to it.

I took Monday off, my wrist needed the rest and I wanted to watch the game in the evening. But I really wanted to practice last night after a discussion at the Garden party on Saturday in which everyone seemed to agree that practice is actually easier if you do it every day, as opposed to doing random days. I agree with this, Thailand was a case in point, after the first couple of days which seemed hard, by day 3 I was into it and poses like Marichyasana came more easily.

Doing it after a day at the Labour Camp though is something else, but the upstairs of my house was still warm from the sunshine and once I got going I found I was actually listening to my breath, almost blocking out the din of Lawnmowers and the kids playing next door. I don’t know why but the Trikonasanas always feel more open and expansive at home and my head seems much nearer the floor in the Prasaritas. I went back to walking vinyasas, my wrist had taken a pounding over the weekend and until Susan pointed it out, I didn’t know how bad my wrist position had been in backbends on Sunday, sliding out.

Pasasana squats before trying to bind, though  now I think my hand was the wrong way up, which is why I couldn’t get the fingers to touch let alone dock. I never thought Pasasana would take so much effort or energy.

Backbends have been awful since I came back from Thailand, so before trying Urdva Dhanurasana I added in some Salabhasana and Ustrasana’s. Mindful of Susan’s comments about my wrist and sliding I pushed up onto my head before pushing up into backbend, I managed one, my wrist was not impressed! I have been doing Bhujapidasana lately without my wrist getting annoyed, but the backbend position of the wrist always feels wrong to me, I have to adjust as soon as I am up there.

But it was good to practice and I always feel better for having done it, even if it is a bit of a trial at home, finding the motivation outside of the Shala environment.

This morning the local paper came through the door, I leafed through and on page 5 found they had used my information and photo of the old lady driving her car into the river, though had not credited either. My photo is also in the online version, though that still says she went into the canal.


6 Responses to “One day off, then back to it.”

  1. daydreamingmel Says:

    I must have missed that conversation on Saturday about it getting easier when you practice more (or did I?) but on the same subject I just went to the shala for the 4th day in a row which I’ve never done before…and it was a complete revelation. I can’t believe I got up this morning after 3 days consecutive shala practice and nothing in my body felt stiff or sore!

    I know it’s tough keeping up a regular home practice when you’re not lucky enough to be near your teacher, but I am realising more and more that consistency is absolutely the key. But also when you have an ongoing niggling injury as you do, of course you need to know when to back away from it, so that you can still practice without making it worse. Are you going back to the physio at all?

  2. globie Says:

    I think the conversation was before you came.

    I try to be consistent, I do get on my mat at least 5 out of 7 days, but home practice is nowhere near as good as the shala with its, heat, shared energy and general focus and lack of distractions, if I didn’t practice at home it would be like going back to square one every time at the Shala, of course I can do stuff at home that would be frowned upon at the Shala 🙂

    The wrist is getting better, the Physio has basically signed me off, giving me exercises to do and advice about strapping it for work and practice.

  3. ahu Says:

    ohh pasasana is hard and yes I agree it does not look hard and then you try, uhhh it is hard… the heels, the balance, the squad, the twist :p full on…

  4. Tiffany @ Moving Meditation Says:

    Hi there! Just wanted to let you know I recently did a blog post about yoga and wrists, and I included a photo of a wrist splint – it’s at if you’re interested. They help a ton with my carpal tunnel syndrome, but I’m not sure if they’d be helpful for your injury.

    I totally agree that practicing every day makes everything easier. I’m reminded of that everytime I’ve missed a day, in fact!

  5. globie Says:

    Thanks Tiffany, now I know what to look for.

    Some practice every day is the way to go

  6. Emma Says:

    ah, wouldnt you know it… my wrist has been hurting these days again. mine isnt carpal tunnel (as tiffany knows :), and the solution is rest. so, practice every day, yes, but dammit, got to keep weight off of my wrist!

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