A consistent week

Practice has been good this last week, mainly due to my consistent attendance on my mat. After the 2 shala days last weekend I did take Monday off because my wrist was making serious objections, but I did full Primary + Pasasana etc Tuesday, Wenesday and Thursday. So that actually made 6 out of 7 days. Friday I did a shorter practice as it was Moon day, but I wanted to practice as I was realising how much more length I had been getting particularly in Triang Mukha and how much more open I felt for having made the effort to do a full practice every day.

This weekends options are limited due to lack of trains and YP being closed, I never did find out if AYL is open on Monday, so I went to The Lifecentre this morning to practice with Michaela, last Saturday it was packed this week just 6 of us and one of those was another teacher warming up before teaching downstairs. But I had a great practice, I really enjoyed it, I had control of my breath, I remembered the Bandhas occassionally  and the postures felt joined up, only assist in standing was Prasarita C.

It’s the seated postures that gain most from doing practice every day, Marichyasana A – D all bound and a lovely satisfying Supta Kurmasana after another leg stretching in Kurmasana. Baddha Konasana assist with M. telling me to resist the urge to get my head to the floor despite it being tantalisingly close. The biggest difference with a consistent daily practice is that I don’t actually feel as wiped out towards the end of the seated poses, you learn to control everything, not just the breath, but the effort too. Pasasana does still wipe me and my feet for 6 however, after doing Cary’s 10 breath squats Michaela helped me into Pasasana, the bind feels strong and comfortable once someone gets me into it, one day…

Closing I actually managed 3 reasonable Urdva Dhanurasanas despite my wrist, though my hands seemed to have a lot more grip than last Sunday when they were determined to slide out. I did a few minutes of hanging back and trying to get down the wall, but dropping back is far too risky for my wrist. I am hoping all these hang backs and criminal excursions into the 2nd series backbends at home will make it easier to get dropbacks back, once my wrist is ready again. All this practice took nearly 2 hours, but who cares, when practice feels that good it doesn’t matter, its not the mental trial that it can sometimes be, it really was a case of just enjoying it.


3 Responses to “A consistent week”

  1. daydreamingmel Says:

    “I remembered the Bandhas occasionally” – that sounds so familiar!! It must have been the week for consistency…. it’s amazing finding how your body reacts to the consistency, I’ve found myself really energised instead of wiped out from having 5 days shala practice in a week. Mind you I slept for about 14 hours last night!!
    total moonday confusion though, we took it on Thursday (knowing it was wrong), some place had it as Friday and Triyoga had it down for today. No wonder I’m tired!

  2. Globie Says:

    When practice feels stronger and more controlled it is easier to actually remember the Bandhas and Kino’s sqeezing, no pee description of how to find them!

    Its a weird Sunday though not getting up for the train.

  3. Helen Says:

    Cool every day practice is much easier than sporadic, you don’t even have to think about it! Sure the hang backs will really help the drop backs, hope the wrist is getting better.

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