Ah soo clanbellies!

Lunchtime at The Labour Camp, quietly munching away when our table suddenly gains 2 extra diners, 2 technicians over from Japan doing a training course, the guy in charge of the course wanted to dump them off for lunch I think and being as I have been to Japan and know the odd japanese word I got them. Iwatakimas, konbanwa… da de dah de dah! They had both been to the Sandwich van and sat looking at their cellophane wrapped offerings, one had conventional ham and cheese triangle sarnies, the 2nd guy had selected a half french stick with a Turkey and Cranberry jelly filling, not having a clue as to what he had bought he carefully undid the wrapping and peered at the roll, then lifted up the top of the roll to reveal the filling, it was a picture, “ah soo clanbelly”, he gingerly took a bite, think his face looked like mine when Susan fed me fruit though I didn’t have a camera with me! It turned out that I have actually been to the city they are from Okayama, which also got an “Aaaah soooo”.

Practice last night was another full primary, I can’t believe how consistent I have been lately, I can feel the difference, though last night it became a bit of a slog after Baddha Konasana, especially when my wrist decided it had had enough of this vinyasa lark. I finished off doing the poses without vinyasas, followed by Pasasana, which is definitley easier in the mornings when I havn’t had bacon and new potatoes 3 hours before! Rubbish Urdva Dhanurasana’s, too scared to push my wrist now, though the hang backs are not bad. It was weird reading blogs yesterday about other people saying they didn’t have a great practice, was it on my mind or do I need a rest day?


2 Responses to “Ah soo clanbellies!”

  1. susananda Says:

    Ah, pasasana’s easier in the morning, eh? Less battenburgs too, 2nd series starting to take effect. Fruit is on the way!! 😉

  2. globie Says:

    Is 2nd series making me want to eat less I wonder, even the things I love like Battenburg, I also havn’t had any chocolate now in a week, dunno about fruit yet

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