Vinyasas between poses

After having a day off to give my aching wrist a break, well I did standing but that was it, it was back to doing a fullish primary last night. My wrist is far from perfect still, I don’t blame the yoga, I think spending 8 hours a day bashing a keyboard and driving a mouse is adding to the accumulation of angst. Practice ended up being slow for some reason, it has lost the momentum it gained last week and this despite doing vinyasas between poses and not sides to save adding to the RSI wrist scoreboard, it still took 2 hours.

My balances are abysmal of late, UHP has becoming a wobbling trial, but standing apart from UHP is pretty consistent. Seated depend on how open my hips are and how easily or not I’m able to get into half lotus, when I’m not as open like last night, poses like Mari D become a finger grabbing bind as opposed to something more solid when my hip/knee is more open. The pose most hated by my Pisiform inflicted wrist is Urdva Dhanurasana, so I abandoned that last night and did some Salabhasana and Ustrasanas instead, before a few minutes of hang backs.

It’s another of those double Shala weekends coming up, Saturday at TLC and Sunday, crap trains permitting, at my “home” Shala, YP with Mel. I havn’t practiced with Mel since I was in Goa the Christmas before last, so am looking forward to it, she does some wonderful adjustments.

One week to the World Cup where my practice could go west, as I settle down every evening in front of the box, though I had better test said box as it’s weeks since I actually turned the thing on. A few people have told me I need to set my alarm clock and do my practice in the mornings, for someone who loves their sleep this is easier said than done, I probably need a prompting 6am text with something like “get your arse out of bed and get on that mat NOW”

14 Responses to “Vinyasas between poses”

  1. Emma Says:

    out of curiosity… is it a goal of the practice to do it quicker? is that just meaning that it’s flowing better?

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Emily,

    When I was on something of a roll last week I found that the time practice took began to shorten. I found I was able to get into poses like Mari B & D more easily with daily practice and also that I tended to faff less, so cumulatively I was getting to closing in just over an hour. Usually with my new Pasasana it takes me 75 minutes to get to closing. So I suppose practice did have a better flow with more regular full primary’s.

  3. Helen Says:

    Okay well you did ask, shall I start texting Monday?

  4. globie Says:

    First game isnt until Friday! Thanks

  5. daydreamingmel Says:

    Helen I think you should start Monday so Kevin can get used to it before Friday!!

  6. ragdoll Says:

    This from someone who’s taken it to the 4.30am extreme:

    I definitely recommend the 15 minute earlier a day approach. Also, sleeping with the curtains open to get daylight in the room seems to help prevent complete disorientation when the alarm goes off.

    Also, since my switch to getting up earlier meant going to bed earlier, it helped to tell myself I wasn’t ‘losing’ hours at the end of the day, but gaining some even better time at the beginning of the day. And this year the games are nicely timed so they needn’t mean late nights.

  7. ragdoll Says:

    I should make clear – it’s the author of that site who’s up at 4.30, not me!

  8. Helen Says:

    R you watch football really? I would have been less suprised by the 4:30 wake up. I’ve been there but these days I am more flexible as I work late. Usually teach until 9 pm then cycle home, eat, so actually earliest I usually wake up is 7. Not while I am in London though, I will be on yogi hours.

  9. Helen Says:

    Thinking I might practice at 6 am so I can be there for opening chant. Is that stange behaviour for a holiday? If I do that I will have to send text 5:45, I will keep you posted….

  10. susananda Says:

    Hahaha.. Helen, yogis usually exhibit strange behaviour on holiday : )

    Kevin, the 15-minutes-earlier approach sounds good, you could start gearing up on Monday, gradually? You KNOW we’ll all be there for you with the morning texts : )

    As for me, I’ve been having some nice ‘evening’ (like, finishing after midnight) practices, but must get back on the morning schedule. It is true that the matches aren’t at stupid times this year! Though a devout NUFC supporter during the season, I find it hard to take an interest in England (so frustrating)… but our office pool this year involves having 8 randomly drawn teams (one from each group) and going on cumulative points, with lots of different prizes. So I have a stake in practically every match! Much more fun, although last time around we just drew a name out of a hat, I got Germany and 2nd place, £50 : )

  11. Globie Says:

    Helen i thought everyone in Liverpool was a footie fan.
    R. sounds like a plan gradually trying to wake earlier, so by the time WC starts i can practice b4 work
    Susan hope you picked some good teams, at least the matches are not at silly times, thougb the uk sick rate will go up with 3pm kick offs!

  12. Ragdoll Says:

    We now have a HUGE widescreen in one of our research labs at work – allegedly for a research project into gaming, but I think we all know what else it’s getting used for over the summer.

    The football’s one of those things where half my friends can’t believe I watch it at all, and the other half think I’m a lightweight as I’ll probably only watch the England matches in full. Two games a night is definitely a sign of a dedictated follower!

    I thought of another bonus of getting up early – you get that ‘lie in luxury’ feeling even when you’re still waking up at a time everyone else thinks of as early. Up at 7am today, felt like a great lie in but I still have the whole of Sunday to enjoy.

  13. globie Says:

    Hi Ragdoll,

    We wish “huge widescreen”, they wont even let us have a radio on. We have World cup wall charts, which I think the management are also studying to work out when each nationality is going to pull a sickie!

    I can’t quite get my head around “”lie in luxury” feeling when I am actually up and not still asleep, its ironic that I get up earlier at the weekends to go to practice than I do for work!

  14. globie Says:

    Monday – dawn text chorus starts at 04:30! AC may be awake then, but normal yogi’s are still dreaming. Eventually woke up at 06:45, which is actually 30 minutes earlier than usual, some Surya’s and some stretches Helen showed me before breakfast, its a start!

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