Yoga, Elephants & Czech girls big day

An early train for practice at TLC with Michaela, OMG was it hot in there today, certainly AYL temperature if not quite Thailand, Far better than my chilly upstairs, you just feel safer to stretch that little bit further. Busy there this week, so not a great deal of help in standing except the usual PPC and UHP. Seated were done without seemingly too much fuss, my wrist even survived a few jump backs in the vinyasas, though I didn’t risk jumping through. a good unassisted Supta K, even managed a little lift leaving my feet crossed behind my head. Michaela arrived to help me with Pasasana, telling me I am quite near to binding, even though doing that pose wipes me out, how can a simple twist be so bloody hard.3 x steady Urdva Dhanurasana, before a bit of hanging back experimentation, didn’t get an assist to drop back, no worries, hopefully Mel will do it tomorrow, that’s if the train comes on time. That’s my favourite thing about Saturday practice at TLC its unrushed. So a satisfying practice to start my day.

Next week I plan to try and start getting into some kind of before work practice routine, so that I can watch the World Cup without yoga guilt for not having got on my mat in the evenings, I suspect the dawn text chorus will help LOL

After a brunch in my favourite Cafe I went elephant spotting, there are currently around 200 dotted all around the city, I managed to find a couple outside the Royal Opera House and 4 more inside Covent Garden, well I have found 10 now, so only another 190 or so to go!

Colourful Elephants

After the Elephants I unfortuantely had to go indoors to run the travel club, much as I enjoy being involved with this, it is becoming a bit time consuming, my practice will always come first and I am beginning to wonder if it is time to step back and see if anyone wants to come forward and run it, despite having quite a large Committee, all the work is basically done by 3 people.

And so we come to Czech girl aka Lucie who tied the knot today with her partner Michal in a Castle near Prague in The Czech Republic, congratulations to them both

Lucie & Michal


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