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07:08 it says on the timetable, not oh seven frigging 35 when it turned up, the train company’s concept of on time leaves rather a lot to be desired and a lot of fuming passengers, the Conductor came down the train to check tickets, but he was getting so much verbal from the disgruntled masses that he went back to hide in his little cab at the end of the train before he got lynched.

This of course meant there was no way I was going to join Susan, Mel, Emily and Jen at YP, grrrr, but I will ever be grateful for AYL being literally around the corner from Euston so headed there instead. Luckily it wasn’t very busy, given the choice I look for a spot next to someone who is either finishing standing or already on seated, which means I can do poses in the cramped conditions like Prasarita C and UHP without clobbering them, just such a spot  was found on the front row, by chance in front of Helen. Having already taken off my glasses I didn’t realise it was Helen until I had put down my mat and she said “hi”, blind yoga! The wall is a bit of an issue for me, when I start my Surya’s I feel like I am going to crack my head on it as I bend forward and am quite glad when I can actually start the postures, Anna soon adjusting my Trikonasana, though then left alone apart from the odd tweak as a teacher walked by. UHP is actually better at AYL, the sun isnt blinding me and I can focus on the wall and balance quite well.

Seated felt stiffer today, though I still managed to bind all the Marichys and was fully pretzelled in Supta K, even almost doing Titibhasana, first time in 6 weeks and as I type my wrist has not complained (so far). Nice assist in Baddha Konasana, not sure who did it.

Pasasana on my own, no help, but I felt it went quite well for an attempt in the middle of my mat with nothing to try and prop myself up against. All the hanging back I have been doing does seem to have been helping open my back up, managed my 3 Urdva Dhanurasana and walked in, though H reckons my hands are a bit wide. I do like teachers like Susan and Helen who even though they are practising themselves, keep an eye on the rest of us and are good enough to offer bits of advice after practice. As the UD’s had been ok I started doing hang backs and when Anna came over to ask if I wanted help I was only too pleased to try dropping back with assistance, I have missed that feeling of landing and then “strong legs, strong legs” as she got me back up, I can’t wait until my wrist is repaired and I can do this on my own again.

It was actually so quiet today that I managed to stay in the main room for all of closing and Savasana, nobody waiting in the finishing room for a change, I always find it distracting to have to decamp, so it was good to stay put.

I met Louise with her baby outside the station, I winge about finding the time to practice, but she has a 2 year old and a new baby to try and fit in her practice around at home, though I was quite pleased when she commented that it feels like you have to put in twice the effort at home to get the same feeling as you do in the shala where you can just get on with it. For a teacher practitioner of her level to make that comment makes me feel the practice I do at home are not in vain.

So despite the crap transport a good practice followed by a pain au Raisin and tea before getting the train home.


9 Responses to “Back to AYL”

  1. StEvE Says:

    That was a nice read, and a trip down memory lane for me. I was at AYL for 3 years, with a long weekly commute, and everyday for a year with a so-so commute (no trains, thank God!). I have never, ever found a shala that keeps it so real. It’s really like a little breakaway piece of Gokulam there.

    It sounds like your wrist is on the mend. ;o)

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Steve,

    Am hoping to visit Gokulam next autumn. I’m glad AYL has quite a wide practice window, so its always my get out option when the trains screw up.

    The wrist is improving, doing yoga isnt too bad because I am actually looking at what I am doing, its things like trying to turn on a stiff tap when the wrist moves but the tap doesn’t that is the problem.

    So where do you live/practice now?

  3. StEvE Says:

    I live on the East coast of Thailand now and, aside from family, AYL was actually the only thing that I found it challenging to do without (I have sussed out where I can buy blueberry muffins & latte).

    I’ve settled into a home practice, which actually has a lot of hidden qualities. It’s been interesting!

    There aren’t any shalas but I think there’s a couple of gym-type classes in town, which I haven’t bothered with because they seem to ‘sell’ yoga at a premium here. Not a problem though, Bangalore is just 3 hours away so I make an annual trek there instead. That keeps me focussed!

    Good luck with sorting out an Autumn trip. Don’t forget you need to get a ‘yoga visa’ now. Tourist visas are a no-no at the shala.

  4. globie Says:

    If I ever moved a Shala would be a pre-requisite, I need the connection and input from a teacher,even if it is only once a week.

    This Yoga Visa is quite confusing, it doesn’t exist according to the company responsible for doing Indian visas in London, though they say I can have a “Student visa”, is that what is meant by a yoga visa?

  5. StEvE Says:

    I’m not sure. When I was there, it’d just been invoked and Tourist visas were acceptable, until May. Check with Hamish or Anna.

  6. globie Says:

    My teacher Cary is over there now for the “Authorised 2” teachers workshop, so I will check with her when she comes back.

  7. daydreamingmel Says:

    Kevin you could also check with Jaime, she is just doing it all now.

  8. globie Says:

    Good idea Mel

  9. Helen Says:

    Hi kevin, injuries are great at bringing the awareness to what we are doing. Glad wrist is getting better.

    Steve where in Thailand? I used to live in Rayong.

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