Tweaked it, aaaah

My wrist has been improving, until tonight that is,  after doing Primary I was twisting into the second side of Pasasana when I lost my balance and automatically, as you do, put my left hand down to save myself, it hurt like hell and still does. I am not sure if I was tired, I had been woken very early, or if I was just being inatentive. I am not quite back to square one, but it certainly meant any attempts at Urdva Dhanurasana had to be abandoned. I usually take the Monday off after a double Shala weekend, but I just felt like I wanted to practice this evening and it had gone ok for a home practice. My wrist is now slathered in Ibuleve in that hope that it doesn’t get worse overnight or that I don’t manage to sleep on it in an awkward position.

I had already planned this weeks day off as Friday, knowing the age of Aquarius would be rising that evening LOL, looks like I may have to take tomorrow off as well.


3 Responses to “Tweaked it, aaaah”

  1. susananda Says:

    Kevin, do the G-Jo thing! I’ve only been doing it a few days and my hand’s MUCH better, it really works.

  2. susiegb Says:

    … back to the osteopath (or physio, whatever it was!) And I guess you’ll just have to work on that very difficult asana (much harder than savasana) – patience … !

    On a note of consolation/distraction – the new iPhone is out today!!

  3. globie Says:

    Hi Susan, yes I printed off the G-jo picture, just trying to find the exact points, but definitley worth a go.

    Susie, Its not swelled up overnight, so I’m hoping it will not need more expensive physio. I’ll keep working on Pasasana. I-Phone 4 doesnt come out here until mid July, tho I was just reading that the official launch didn’t go so well!

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