6.15 a new story to Navasana

I was semi conscious at 6am when Susan’s text finally brought me into the day, up I got and moved around, well faffed around, Karen alas I no longer have a cat to feed and if I had turned the internet on I would probably have not got on my mat at all! The text dawn encouragement chorus continued from Mel and AC, so at 6.15 I figured I may as well get on with it, trying today not to compare how a morning practice compares to my bendier evening sessions.

It took me to the 3rd Surya B until my head got anywhere near my knees, I seem to be able to stretch my hamstrings out better in the second forward bend, having a few minutes before starting practice does seem to make a difference. The one big difference is that morning practice is sloooooower, I seem to take more care getting into each posture so as not to overstretch anything that isnt warmed up. UHP is surprisingly steadier, is that because my head is not full of the days crap as it is in the evening I wonder?

Yesterday I finished after standing, today I carried on into seated, right up to Navasana, Ardha Baddha and Triang Mukha were not great, hips and knees are just not awake, though the Janusirsasanas were not bad, amazed myself by binding Marichyasana D 🙂

Navasana, then a go at Pasasana, this is getting nearer, even in the mornings, by now it was 7.20, so alas no time for backbends or other closing, just a very short Savasana before starting the day.

It felt nice to practice, whether it makes the day in this place any more bearable only time will tell. On that point out of the blue I was called by a “head hunting” company yesterday about a job, god knows where they got my name from, but its nice to feel wanted, not a feeling I seem to get when I walk through the doors of this place!


2 Responses to “6.15 a new story to Navasana”

  1. Pat Says:

    Well done!

  2. karen Says:

    “my head is not full of the days crap”

    That is the number one reason why I practice in the morning!

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