6am start- but still no time for closing!

The text chorus began at the ungodly hour of 04:49! What person in their right mind is awake at that time of day? Anyway back to sleep until 05:46 and eventually stumbled on to my mat at just after 6am. I still can’t believe I am doing this, volunterily losing over 90 minutes in the land of nod under my duvet.

Waking my stiffย body up with Surya’s is hard, I don’t like the sun salutations at the best of times, even at the Shala I am glad when they are over and I can start on the asanas, but doing them in the middle of the night, both my body and mind are asking what the hell is going on. Standing was a bit stiffer today, twisting into Pariv Trikonasana and Parsvakonasana didn’t feel natural at all. I do seem to have more focus on the practice with an uncluttered mind even if it is quite a lot slower going.

Seated started at 6.30, this really does slow me down, it all becomes a bit of a struggle up to Navasana with all those double sides and vinyasas inbetween, Triang Mukha felt horrible and I couldn’t quite bind Marichyasana D. Into uncharted waters after Navasana, well for this time of day at least, I found I could bind either one end or the other of Supta Kurmasana, but not both at the same time ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I didn’t faff but I just seem so slow, but at least today I did manage to get all of the seated postures done, no vinyasas missed out. As usual I did Pasasana, my fingers feel close and I seem to be more balanced even if the bed is helping (no I wasn’t back in it!). Time for one Urdva Dhanurasana, not a good one, I just did it to prove to msyelf that I still could, followed by a 30 second Savasana before the day had to begin. Even staring at 6am there is no time for closing and there is NO WAY I am staring at 5.30!

I have ended up doing more practice than usual the last few days, with between 75-90 minutes in the morning and then last night I did standing and then from Navasana to the end plus a bit of 2s backbending, the best part of another 90 minutes practice, so a total of 2 and three quarter hours for the day, no wonder I am nearly falling asleep in the afternoons!


10 Responses to “6am start- but still no time for closing!”

  1. Maria Says:

    hey Kevin
    I need to get some one to text me in the mornings!! sometimes its soooooooo hard ! But well done ๐Ÿ™‚
    In other news, I just got Brazil in the World Cup Sweep we’re running at work!!!
    Even though secretly, I’m hoping for Italy… well Anyone But France ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Maria,

    Its certainly hard getting up and doing practice at home, going to the Shala seems much easier.

    Well Brazil or Spain are the ones to pick, can understand your feelings towards the french after what happened. Italy are past it.

  3. Maria Says:

    Hmmmm usually Italy are there or there abouts in the shake-up, but I’d agree their team is “gettin on” but with all that experience you can never quite discount them fully… anyways we’ll see….
    My big wish for England is that they dont face a penalty shoot out… they never seem to go ur way…
    I have to say, I LOVE the world cup, and I love when small teams beat the big guys ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. globie Says:

    I think England could come unstuck in the last 16, Serbia or Germany and we all know what happens with penalties against the germans!

  5. Pat Says:

    I just found out the US is playing on Saturday? Call me thick but that’s par for the course.

  6. Maria Says:

    Check out “Dry Your Eyes Becks” on you tube ๐Ÿ™‚ look for the official Gift Grub version

  7. ragdoll Says:

    You beat me this morning – up at 6, but everything was so slow it was 7am before I started my seating poses.

    Do you think that you would be able to get up earlier for your full practice if you knew you absolutely couldn’t practice at all that evening?I’ve got to admit, it wouldn’t work for me, but I thought I’d suggest it anyway!

    I’m going to drive myself bonkers with figuring out who needs to win what and by how much in order for us (England) to avoid meeting Germany straight after the group stages.

    You’ll notice that even though I support my national team, I’m not actually at the level of patriotism that allows me to think they might really be going to beat any of the better teams.

  8. globie Says:

    Pat did you see who you are playing, I wouldn’t go out if by some miracle you win!

    R – I think 6am start is quite early enough, I think if I know I am not going to practice in the evening I may go to Navasana and then do closing.

    You don’t need to do maths really, the winner of Englands group plays the second place in Germany’s group, second in England’s group plays the winner of Germany’s group. The German group play their last match after England’s group so will effectively know what they need to do to avoid England!
    At least they have a decent Manager this time, one of the funniest comments I heard at the last world cup when England lost to Brazil was a player saying that the Managers pep talk before extra time, when they needed Winston Churchill they got Ian Duncan Smith!

  9. ragdoll Says:

    Ah, but right after Germany’s first game I’ll be fretting if they’re on top form and heading straight for the top of their group as then so will England have to be in order to get to the top of their group. And if Germany don’t seem to be on top form and are more likely to be 2nd, then I’ll (bizarrely) also have to start hoping that England are also steering clear of the top spot.

    Never underestimate my ability to over think something!

    And, oh yes, yoga – I do find that doing the closing sequence, even an abridged version, does help my practice feel complete, and gives me the sense that I’ve *chosen* to finish, and not been forced to by whatever else I have to move on to that day.

  10. Pat Says:

    I haven’t done a pub crawl yet so I certainly wouldn’t plan on doing one Saturday even if they did win. Actually I’m not sure who to root for, truth be told. Most Americans don’t really care about it so it might be fun to root for the team whose turf we’re on. Don’t tell my husband that though ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And I completely agree on the closing sequence, it is pretty much de rigeur.

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