What changed?

How can 2 days and 2 practices be so different? I was on my mat at 05:55 just like yesterday, but it felt unquantifiably different, more energy and certainly more focus. The Surya’s were still a trial, if I am really stiff and creaky this is the most likely point of getting back under the covers, but I know that if I did that just once, then I would probably do it again  and again. It’s part of the mental game to revisit uncomfortable places, asanas that are not our favourites.

Once I am into the standing postures I don’t think they are much different from how they are in the evenings, well maybe the Prasarita’s are not so wide, but I seem to have more balance in UHP. Seated are slower, I am realising that keeping the momentum up is the key that stops practice grinding to a stop. The seated postures felt more workable today, Triang Mukha and Janu B were torture yesterday, today there was less physical and mental resistance allowing me to grab my wrist beyond my foot. I even just about bound Mari D on both sides, how’s that for 06:50 on a Wednesday morning!

I got as far as Bhujapidasana, it was then a quick debate with myself about either finishing seated or doing closing before time ran out. I decided that as so many people have said how important it is to do a proper closing that I would do Pasasana then closing. BIG surprise I managed to do  a couple of good Urdva Dhanurasanas after the first abortive lift and drop attempt (hand too far back = pissed off wrist), no’s 2 and 3 I stayed up, that is a first for that time of day! Followed by a proper closing, though a curtailed Savasana.

Practices like yesterday’s will doom this experiment to failure, but practices like todays make me look forward to tomorrow’s, yes I know wishing my life away again! Whether this could become my regular practice post World Cup I don’t know, especially as I am not getting to do Supta K as often or the bum balances which have been improving of late. The after practice good feeling lasts until about 10am, before the depression of another day in that place takes over.


3 Responses to “What changed?”

  1. Pat Says:

    David Swenson once attributed it to the yoga fairies. One night they sprinkle magic yoga dust on you and your practice is brilliant. Another day, they sprinkle concrete dust on you and nothing goes right and you’re trying to figure out what clothes you wore on the good day or what you did differently. I think it’s just part of the mystery, unfortunately.

  2. susananda Says:

    Yeah, no matter how much we try to figure it out, it’s a bit like the weather?

  3. globie Says:

    Well if its like the weather it was raining today, overslept, woke up cranky and stiff and gave up after standing

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