Cloudy with sunny spells

Practice is very erratic the last couple of day, yesterday was dire, stiff and not happening, today I got a wake up text from Susan at 5.45, I was already semi conscious, but the text made my mind up to get up and onto my mat. Thanks Susan. Having 10-15 minutes to wake up seems to make a lot of difference, even if I only stretch a little before the first Surya A at 06:00hrs.

I could tell today was different as my fingers made far more meaningful contact with the mat on the first Surya forward bend. As I did the Trikonasanas I found that extra bit of length appear in my hamstrings, though this doesn’t seem to translate into the Prasaritas in the mornings, I can usually make my head touch the floor at the Shala but not at home in the middle of the night.

Seated had some purpose, there was length in all the forward bends, not the feeling of somethings going to snap like I had yesterday, bound all the Marichyasanas, though I am still flummoxed as to why I have been better on the 2nd side which is usually a struggle. I changed the programme today, I carried on after Navasana, Bhuja, a not quite bound Supta K, though sitting here now I realise I missed Supta Konasana! I wanted to do the postures I have been missing or not doing as often as I need to do, especially the bum balances, they are the poses that make me realise what those Bandha thingies are for. Oops I missed Setu Bandhasana as well, though added in my criminal Friday  Pasasana! So that makes  2 missed poses and one I shouldn’t have done today LOL.

Time was pressing now, but I was determined to do what I thought at the time was a complete practice in a morning for the first time , Urdva Dhanurasana was a struggle and my wrist is not happy as I type, will have to get on the G-Jo, rest of closing done at pace, but done none the less, before a 4 minute Savasana.

That’s 2 weeks now of getting up and doing practice before work, I don’t know if this is going to be sustainable, but I am able to enjoy the World Cup each evening without the practice thought hanging over me. I could hear all the Irish yogi’s in Dublin cheer as that first mexican goal went in last night.


6 Responses to “Cloudy with sunny spells”

  1. Maria Says:


  2. ragdoll Says:

    I was also loving the Mexicans’ work.

    The past few mornings that I’ve practiced I’ve been thinking about the lack of flexibility at that time, and the primary thing that suffers is the shoulder stand variations. The Marichyasanas, somehow, can even be better than in a class. Mabye becuase B and C are tiring for me, so at home I give myself recovery breaths before going for D? Though I do sneak in the odd breath in the studio too.

  3. ragdoll Says:

    Sorry, a very self absorbed comment there! What I probably meant to say was that I’m very glad your practice has improved again – you got through loads today!

  4. globie Says:

    I have been very surprised to do the Marichyasanas in the mornings, especially with not being anywhere near shala temp. Practice did seem to have more momentum today, which is why I managed to get through a lot more, felt more like a complete practice.

  5. daydreamingmel Says:

    Marichis in the mornings = no food mid-digestion!!

    R I think it’s pretty common to find karnapidasana 100% easier in the evenings than in the mornings…for ages there was no way I could hug my knees around my ears after getting used to practising in the evenings where I could get there no trouble, but in time it came in the mornings too 🙂

  6. globie Says:

    Ah but I can usually do Marichys at night, having had dinner 2 1/2 hours before, so don’t think its being full that stops me, its more about being warm enough in the twist.

    I can just do Karnapidasana, never even thought of that being harder in the morning.

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