1 to 3, so lots of assists :-)

Yep we had Susan teaching just 3 of us this morning, lots of people away for Fathers day, so great for the 3 of us who did practice. When there are so few students you realise you can’t “hide”, you tend not to be lazy and are much more focussed on your practice, knowing you are being watched from the silver ball. Standing was quite relaxed, though I was a bit stiff and tight this morning, not sure if having Saturday off before a Shala practice is such a great  idea, usual assist in PPC,which was nice and didn’t piss my wrist off, managed to do UHP on my own, I think it was better today because the sun wasn’t blinding me. Utkatasana, there is something wrong with my shoulders, I have been more conscious of squatting lower with this one, but suddenly my shoulders feel all inhibitied and stuck. Susan got me to do it again, but everything feels scrunched up and not space.

Seated are a lot less of a mind game than they were a year or so ago, I realise now that I used to think of standing as easy and seated as hard, now I just do it. I thought Triang Mukha was going to be a stress for the hamstrings, but when S. started assisting I just found everything begin to lengthen out, sweet.  Lovely assist in Marichyasana D, managed to bind myself before being taken in deeper, I truly no longer dread this asana. A toe in the back to remind me about my sinking Navasana, before some well thought out observations on my jumping forward in the vinyasa, to save my wrist (was I wincing I wonder?), that when I jump forward instead to jump and land behind my hands, which means my hands remain flat and the wrist is happier. These little observations are as much the reason I slog into London on a Sunday morning as much as for the adjustments, its so easy to get into little habits when you have to practice home alone most of the time and start potentially storing up pain for later, I’m glad Susan takes the time to point them out.2 goes at Supta Kurmasana today 🙂 I can do this on my own, but its easier to bind the hands after the teacher squish in Kurmasana, nice crossed feet and lift out. Second attempt with Susan trying to get my feet crossed more behind my head, I do enjoy this posture, it almost gives me more satisfaction than anything else I do on or off the mat.

4 goes at Pasasana 🙂 , first on my own,  my fingers are getting so much nearer these days, then an assisted one, with advice about working my elbow to move the hand nearer the thigh, then using the wall as support like I do at home, then the having the heals on a block for stability, this one works , hands bound by Susan and stayed there. So that’s what it feels like to be in it on my own!

Urdva Dhanurasana was not great, my wrist was objecting, but walking the hands in helped, I really need a new mat with some decent traction, my hands were still sliding on my yogitoes mat. Then a few minutes of hang backs on my own with advice about keeping my legs straight from the sidelines before finally assistance to get me to the ground. Its been nearly 2 months since I have done a dropback on my own because of my wrist and I feel like I have lost some of the control  I had begun to build up, but at least doing assisted ones is stopping the fear factor creep back in and I know that I am going to land safely and not jar the wrist.

It ended up being quite a long practice today, assistance to the end with Uttana Pidasana, think she was saying I need more backbend in that one and lower legs, I am never sure what angle the legs are supposed to be at?  Lovely back  manipulation in childs pose after Headstand, that feels so nice.

Really enjoyed my practice, though it took a while to get going, with so few people, there is a lack of heat and energy which you have to generate for yourself, but I am always glad I make the effort on a Sunday, thanks Susan


7 Responses to “1 to 3, so lots of assists :-)”

  1. Kai Says:

    Aw! Lucky you, to get to practise with Susan! Sounds like you had a good practice too. That’s a great way to start your yoga week 🙂

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Kai,
    Yes a good start to the yoga week, I like to practice with Susan, she’s good and she knows the “technical” stuff, so her comments make sense.

  3. Pat Says:

    Ah the back thing after Sirsasana! That one is worth it’s weight in gold. Mysore with Susan sounds like such a treat. Glad you enjoyed the day!

  4. susananda Says:

    Ah… thank you Kevin, glad it was worth coming out for you and that you didn’t mind all the attention 🙂 I shall continue to try to master the pasasana assist!

  5. globie Says:

    Hi Pat, Yep Mysore with Susan is great and she is good at the manipulation.

    Susan, as I only get to a shala once a week any attention is great and appreciated, as I said I appreciate the little bits of advice as much as the actual adjustments, Pasasana is coming for both of us. Hope the other 2 didn’t feel neglected.

  6. Maria Says:

    In keeping with the World Cup theme: http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/sport/2010/0621/1224272949113.html
    Whats that smell… sniff sniff sniff… oh ya KARMA!!!!!!

    Hope ur guys get the finger out soon Kevin, not been good for u so far… 😦 Seriously anyone who puts Hesky on, and leaves Crouch off, needs their head examined…..

  7. susananda Says:

    Yes, why the hell is Crouchie so underplayed??? Bah.

    Thanks Kevin, I’m sure the other two feel they got plenty of attention too 🙂

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