Week 3 – A first

My neighbour woke me up super early going to work at 5.30am, the sun was shining so I decided to get up and make my 1/2 litre of tea and drink it while I practised, yes heresy I know to some, but getting out of bed in what feels like the middle of the night to my body, I need some wake up juice, I must be one of the few ashtangi’s who hates coffee!

So on my mat first Surya A at 5:45am, yes I can’t believe I am doing this, 2 weeks ago I struggled to get up and do standing at 6:30am before breakfast! Not quite so stiff today and practising at this time of day is beginning to feel slightly less alien, though the Jury is still out on whether this could become the permanent practice time. The forward bends felt easier in the hamstrings, though I notice my shoulders are even stiffer in PPC, not that my hands have ever got anywhere near the floor in a hot shala at a more awake time of day, so I don’t have any expectations. I tried to speed up seated a little today, trying  to keep the momentum and heat, less faffing, even if I didn’t quite bind Mari D as well as I can, but I was open enough to fully bind my favourite Supta Kurmasana. It’s at this point that I know I will make it through the rest of seated, the double sided poses have been done and I quite like Baddha Konasana and what follows, even the bum balances look mostly like they should, well the first one does at least.

Completing seated it feels only right to do Pasasana, against the bed, then with heals on the block, my fingers touching, but lacking a Susan to join them up for me, being helped to bind yesterday, then staying there on my own seemed like a mini breakthrough.

I managed a bridge followed by 2 Urdva Dhanurasanas, its the backbends that have felt the most alien, uncomfortable and unlikely to happen the last two weeks, but I managed to push up twice and even added in some hangbacks against the door for good measure, before completing, yes completing the rest of closing, which means I have finally done a full practice in the morning, no bells or whistles, just an over riding feeling of satisfaction. Savasana even lasted 4 minutes.

It took me until 7.30am, thats 1 and 3/4 hours, which is quite good for a home practice, devoid of shala heat and energy, though it felt like a Sunday after, as I had a Pain au Raisin for breakfast. Breakfast seems to taste much better after doing practice, though I am getting worried about my new Malteser habit while watching the World cup at night.

OMG its gone 10pm, I really should be asleep, I have to get up in the morning!


6 Responses to “Week 3 – A first”

  1. Helen Says:

    Ha, well done kevin, you have proven to yourself you can do it now. I am honestly more amazed that you drank so much tea during practice.

  2. daydreamingmel Says:

    Well done Kevin! But like Helen says, drinking tea *during* practice? How exactly does that work with the flow and non-faffing? 😉

  3. globie Says:

    I did it again this morning, whole thing. Tea slurping happens after the Surya’s, reward for even getting that far, then during seated after sets of asanas, it doesnt really interupt the flow, finding a juicy bit of skin to pick on my foot is more likely to interupt proceedings!

    Helen 1/2 litre isnt much tea for me, I get through gallons during the day, anywhere between 8-15 cups!

  4. Pat Says:

    Well, I drink tea before practice too. Always have. Not sure I could drink during though. I try to get it down the gullet early enough before I start so it’s not sloshing around when I move. It seems like drinking during would guarantee sloshing for me. Whatever it takes!

  5. susananda Says:

    I have a pint sized mug of coffee before practice…. during, I still can’t quite fathom…. but seems much less ridiculous in the morning than after work!!

  6. globie Says:

    A sip or 2 every so often, so far I have resisted the urge to get a refill after Navasana!

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