Up to Bhuja + closing

My body clock does seem to have made the transition to “yoga time”, waking at 5.30am on the dot, but after yesterday’s dismal practice I was sorely tempted to turn over for another 2 hours, but the sun was shining and the birds were tweeting in the trees in my garden and I realised I was awake, so got up and made tea, stretching and moving as I waited for the kettle to boil.

It was still a stiff start, though at least my fingers were touching the floor after a couple of Surya A’s, but I definitley seem to have lost the length in the Trikonasanas and Prasarita’s that I had earlier in the week, where does it go, my body seems to have a finite amount of consecutive full primary’s in it, three in a row seems to be its limit.

I tried to do jump backs in the vinyasas to keep some momentum and to try and get some heat going on, it works to a point, the point being when my wrist says “ENOUGH”. Why was Janu A better than Janu B, its usually the other way round. Mari A & B were ok, but I don’t seem to be able to get such a good twist in C & D. I usually find Mari C quite easy, not today it seemed and as for Mari D, we are back to finger touching after binding at the start of the week. It was still a very slow practice, I checked the time after Bhuja and realised I would have to start doing closing. A couple of dodgy backbends, they really don’t happen in the morning, though they did in Thailand. Rest of closing followed by a 5 minute Savasana before a big breakfast, necessary as I am having a dental filling at lunchtime and will probably be too frozen up to eat the sarnies I have with me 😦

As Helen said its a practice and not a performance, it was certainly better than yesterday that’s for sure.


13 Responses to “Up to Bhuja + closing”

  1. Maria Says:

    Have u tried “the box”? Ok it sounds like an implement of torture, but its not. If you are stiff its a good way of including a b/bend. I have a seriously dodgy SI, and when I was in Australia last Feb, it was particularly bad, the long flights, dodgy hostel bed etc etc, it all contributes. With the result that b/bends were literally torture. One morning I was actually crying out of sheer frustration and discomfort. Everything was so stiff. Then Sheridan introduced me to “The Box”
    Its basically a wooden box, open on two ends, pushed up against a wall, about 1 -1 and 1/2 ft high. Lie down. Put ur feet on the box, shimmy ur butt right up close, Hands underneath and press up to a backbend. It takes everything out of your lower back, and brings it up, up, up, opening the heart and shoulders, and gives u nice straight arms. Whats more: no SI pain!! So if ur stiff and cant do ur normal b/bend practise this can really help. hold for long long long breaths – at least 10, and repeat (if time!). Its weird at first, but its a way to get a back bend in, without forcing through 5 quickly just for the sake of doing it. Ok ur wrist might not love it right now, but its a good way to slot in a nice backbend if you havent time for the full on 5. plus it takes the work up to the heart and shoulder opening than in the lower back, where for me, everything goes if I’m tired or stiff….
    I practise in my room, luckily I have enough space, but I’ve a solid bed base which is just the right height for me to place my feet. It is great on those mornings where I just cant get the b/bends working for me, or I’m tired, or I dont have a lot of time.

    Just my two cents worth πŸ™‚
    Hope you are having a lovely day πŸ™‚

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Maria,

    The box having openings doesnt play a part then, So do you mean like doing Purvottanasana, but with the feet raised up and hip width apart?

    Off to the dentist soon 😦

  3. Maria Says:

    no I mean doing a back bend with ur feet higher than the rest of your body

  4. Maria Says:

    as in ur lying on the floor like prep for a normal back bend but ur feet are at a height.

  5. Maria Says:

    oh ya I see what u mean. with the openings – πŸ˜‰ ok ya, it can be a solid box, or maybe a set of blocks πŸ™‚

  6. globie Says:

    So the feet are flat as if you were on the floor?

  7. Maria Says:

    Yes, well almost. Once u start to push up, the feet become flat. Hmmmm… I’ll look for a demo online somewhere… and post it

  8. globie Says:

    Hi Maria,
    I did a bit of 2S this evening to play backbends. I tried your idea on the bed, but its not solid enough, but I can kinda see what you are getting at.

  9. susananda Says:

    Or do what I do, just hang your upper body off the edge of the bed and dangle your arms down towards the floor, opens the shoulders and upper back beautifully, then you can slide down further and get into kapo B and then A type positions! Be aware you may have to exit through headstand though πŸ™‚

    Laptop working again, restored to two weeks ago by techie at work, then two hours re-downloading virus defintions… phew! iPhone to be ready in morning πŸ™‚

  10. Maria Says:

    OMG Susan I am totally doing the bed thing…. the perfect solution: practise while never leaving bed. Ahhhhhhhhhh i think i’ve just found samadhi πŸ™‚

  11. StEvE Says:

    It’s great that your body clock has adjusted. Well done! But, like a lot of people have suggested earlier, I think you’ve got to get the kettle adjusted too. The tea drinking during asana practice just has to go. Heck, you may as well watch the world cup while practicing and stick with your usual time. If you just sit in sidasana and drink your tea, giving your body 30 minutes or so to realise that it’s not horizontal and rested any more, you’ll be so much more adept and ready to practice. Your BP must be going through the roof plunging straight from bed into the salutations. If you try to get used to that level of shock for much longer, heck, you could end up storming off in a huff and joining the ‘yoga’s not for me’ brigade. You’re far too good for that.

    If you’re really unable to get up at 5.00 (to give yourself time to wake up first), why not just do some Hatha type stretches, and then some meaningful salutations plus standing, if there’s time. Savasana will then make you realise that your body’s been nourished, rather than traumatised.

    (Sorry to nag mate. Just trying to help.)

    (sorry to

  12. globie Says:

    Hi Steve,

    I quite often drink tea when I practice in the evening too, it doesn’t interupt the flow once I am into it. At a workshop with DK someone actually asked about drinking during practice and she said that so long as its not something cold, that would lower body temp, its ok to sip occassionally. It also seems to be good for my IBS in that I have a warm fluid being forced round the plumbing with all the twists etc.

    Never thought about BP, though I know I have a low BP to start with. I have been better for spending 10 minutes making tea and generally waking up, as opposed to jumping out of bed straight into Surya A, that was never sustainable. I will (hopefully) never join the “yoga’s not for me brigade” I would just go back to evening practice, after Tuesday there are quite a few world cup rest days.

    Susan Laptop and I-Phone fixed, brilliant πŸ™‚ Think when you mentioned bed hanging to me before I was trying to hang too much over the edge, I presume you mean hang from below the shoulder blades? Bed yoga I can go with.

  13. Pat Says:

    I tried a variant of “the box” in a class and it is brilliant! I’ve forgotten about it until you mentioned it. Thanks for the reminder.

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