Tried to buy my iphone from Tesco!

I finally decided to take the plunge and get an iphone, not the brand new one, but the 3GS, which would be perfectly adequate for my needs. Tesco were doing a great deal, their e-mail customer service was helpful, I got my PAC code and called the free phone number to get it ordered. 10 minutes on hold then it cut me off! Plan B call the number on the e-mail, got straight through, very helpful lady answered all my questions, but when I said ” can I buy one please” she said she couldn’t sell me one or set up the contract, but she put me through to Tesco direct who would be able to do it, WRONG AGAIN, although they could sell me one, it would be full price and only as Pay as you go! They gave me yet another number to call, eventually got an answer and found out that this was the number that deals with any network EXCEPT fucking Tesco’s and no they couldn’t sell me my iphone or set up the contract. This person told me to go to a Tesco Phone shop, ha ha! I just tried to look them up online, there isnt even one in central London, let alone out here in the sticks. WTF, Tesco are a joke, they may have the cheapest deal by a mile, but it is completely impossible to actual take them up on it. Oh well it looks like my Samsung Tocco is going to be with me for a good while longer as I am certainly not paying what the other providers are still demanding.


3 Responses to “Tried to buy my iphone from Tesco!”

  1. Pat Says:

    Sorry for the frustration but I must say that seems to happen a fair amount with customer service here. I’m experiencing loads of that trying to unwind our various services here. Keep the faith, you’ll find one eventually.

  2. Maria Says:

    awwwww. man. Tesco sucks.

  3. globie Says:

    Must be a lot of people having trouble with Tesco going by the searches being used that are finding my blog. Tesco do suck, though last night I found the e-mail of the CEO, hope he reads my e-mail!

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