At least I can count on Shala Sundays

A record this morning as the tube pulled into BG Station at 08:07, I just knew practice would be good, it was already a hot, sunny morning. I had a massage yesterday, where the Therapist had gone deeply, make that painfully into the Piriformis/ sciatic knot with her elbows and thumbs, she released something because that whole area was more open today, now she has got it moving, she is going to attack it again on Wednesday, so if you hear howling about 5.30, it will be me as her elbow finds the spot!

I moved across one mat width from my usual spot to be in the shade, though 30 minutes later the sun seemed to have moved! I love practice in that kind of temperature, surrounded by the shared energy of the other Yogi’s, all of whom I could name, YP folk are certainly a friendly bunch. I enjoy the chant, everyone joins in and we are certainly more in tune than the English and German football teams were singing their national anthems this afternoon, though having the odd proper Chorister like Mel probably gives us an advantage!. Standing just seemed to pass, only UHP was crap, mainly because the sun was blinding me by then, I know I should move, but I like my little space at the front with S. on my left. Once upon a time I would have found it almost intimidating to have someone doing such an incredible practice next to me as I slogged through mine, now its an inspiration.

Seated are so much better in the warm, my knees love it, ABP I managed to bind, before a double length Triang Mukha as Mel came to adjust as I got to 4 and was thinking about exiting, suddenly down we go, deeper and deeper for another 5, I don’t mind.Ā  Twisting rocks on days like this, all the Mari’s bound before a super dooper Supta Kurmasana, bound and then lifted out with my feet in place behind my head šŸ™‚ Is it stupid that doing that posture makes me so happy, at least something does I hear you say. Apart from Triang Mukha I was left alone through seated, so it was all my own work, creating my lake, I havn’t sweated this much since Thailand! Pasasana without wall or block, I am beginning to find some balance and my fingers are getting ever so near, after I had tried on my own Mel came to help, telling me I am just soooo tantalisingly close.

Thank god for my Yogiteoes mat, it allowed me to do my Urdva Dhanurasana’s without much sliding and annoying my wrist, followed by some hang backs, this week I kept going on my own until Mel came to ask if I wanted some help, until my wrist heals the only way I am going to experience that deep bending sensation is with assistance, 3 nice dropbacks. So nice to have a no rush practice, no rush to get to work after and no rush because I managed to arrive on time, this means I get a no stress Savasana, no worry about the time, just laying in the warm stream of sunlight flooding through the windows, letting go, eventually thinking I had better make a move, it’s been 12 hours without Tea!

It was one of the best practises I have had at the Shala in a long time, I think the hot sunny morning helped, yesterday’s massage loosened me for a change, sometimes after a treatment I am stiff the next day, but I also think my nearly nocturnal early morning yoga of the last few weeks played its part, though dragging myself out of bed tomorrow will be as much of a challenge as its been from the start.

Home to the match, oh well, Germans again………one day

The saga of trying to buy my iphone from Tesco continues, I was e-mailed another phone number,Ā  the right number, BUT their computer system is down and they can’t order it for me! Is someone tryingto tell me something


7 Responses to “At least I can count on Shala Sundays”

  1. daydreamingmel Says:

    Chorister – haha!! Not sure gospel choir members count as those!!

    Definitely a nice energy in there today, it was all the familiar faces – I think knowing who’s who and where they are without any little thoughts of “I wonder who that is…” creeping in seemed to help everyone – and the heat of course!

  2. globie Says:

    Mel, I was trying to listen for you as we chanted. It does sound good though.

    It’s rare to know everyone at practice, especially in London, as I only come on Sunday’s I don’t really think about the people I don’t know, even if the people I know are outnumbering them these days.

  3. daydreamingmel Says:

    haha that’s hilarious…because I realised I could completely pick out *your* voice too!! I like the sound when there’s tons of people (led is always good). Wish I could get there in time for the chant during the week but leaving home just after 6 every day is too much of an ask.

    And in terms of wondering who people are, it’s more a case of a vague thought, I almost have a check-list & once I know all the regulars are in place I can relax & forget about it šŸ˜‰

  4. globie Says:

    My voice is that bad then! My only previous chanting experience was on football terraces singing about the Referees parentage and eyesight!

  5. susananda Says:

    I agree, the chant was particularly nice yesterday for some reason. Kevin, I’m glad if I can be inspirational, I really hate the thought that I might make people want to give up!!!

    The sun messes with me too, lifting my eyes up to the ceiling in vatayanasana, gomukhasana, durvasasana…. I nearly turned around at one point and faced the back!

  6. globie Says:

    I wish they would get some blinds for the side windows, or something just to take the glare away. Ironically my glasses would change to dark lenses if I could wear them.

    That was an amazing backbend when Mel was gradually walking your hands up from your ankles to up by your knees, I must admit to drishte malfunction as I stopped to see how far she would take you.

  7. susananda Says:

    Thanks. They are getting better šŸ™‚

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