Keeping up the am practice habit

This hot sticky weather may be good for my practice, but certainly not for the night of restfull sleep I need before I get on my mat each morning.

Even though when I have woken at 5.30am I havn’t felt particularly rested the last 2 mornings, I have still been on my mat by ten to six. Yesterday I got to Navasana and did closing before breakfast. Monday practices are always hit and miss depending on the Sunday Shala practice and the travel stress.

This morning I woke on time thanks to the rain hammering on the window, the rain is welcome, but it does not seem to have cleared the air much. The bad news was that I had managed to sleep with my wrist underneath me, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, not good, quite painful, but after sticking it under the hot tap while the kettle boiled I managed to get it gingerly moving.

Practice seemed more dynamic today, more flow, more focus, faster, I actually managed to complete a full Primary series, including 2 x Urdva Dhanurasana (my wrist was not so impressed!), Pasasana and a full closing sequence, a quicker practice makes for a longer Savasana, 8 minutes today!

Backbends are still not working in the morning, I have gone back to doing some more at night when I get home while the dinner cooks, some 2nd series Ustrasanas to warm up, then UD’s and some nice hangbacks. The pinching evident in my lower back in the morning does not seem to be there at night.

I’m quite surprised to have kept this early morning practice going for so long, I havn’t missed a day in the 3 weeks, though the temptation to turn over is always present. At the start I needed the text message wake ups from AC, Susan and Helen in order to wake up nearly 2 hours earlier than usual, now I am waking up and I am not even setting the alarm.

5 Responses to “Keeping up the am practice habit”

  1. V Says:

    Hey Kevin,

    The way you wrote it, it sounds like you did backbends and then pasasana and then closing, but the order is (primary followed by) pasasana, then backbends and then closing. I’m sure you know this already anyway 🙂

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Vanessa,

    No I did do it in the right order, Pasasana, backbends, closing, it’s what comes of trying to blog when you are “really” working! Still can’t believe I have graduated to Pasasana though!

  3. Maria Says:

    Go Kev!!
    Seriously, thats great 🙂

  4. Pat Says:

    Waking up at this hour without an alarm? I’m really impressed!

  5. globie Says:

    Question is now the World Cup is nearly over wil I manage to keep this up?

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