It’s arrived!

I feel like I just entered the 21st century, my long coveted iphone 3GS arrived this afternoon. I plugged it into the computer and let it do its thing, it got talking to the itunes thing and now I have some music loaded. I now have to work out how to drive it. I worked out how to text and put in a contact, it connects to my home wifi, the only glitch has been that I can’t connect to the internet except by wifi. Luckily calling an 0845 is free after 7pm so I called the helpline and have been taken through changing the settings for data, though fat finger syndrome makes this a bit difficult when someone is firing information down the phone while I try to type using the teeny tiny on screen keyboard, this is going to take some getting used to. I now have to wait for the settings change to happen, I was told to go and have a cuppa and turn it on again in 10 minutes.

I liked the way when I was texting Susan (she’s the only 1 in my contacts so far!), that it predicted the word I was trying to spell, it came up in a little box with an “x” next to it, but I couldn’t work out how to select what it was offering me.

While waiting I browsed the app store, there isn’t an “easy stand up from dropback” app, but I did find a free wordpress one for mobile blogging. There are just so many toys in the store, I can see I am going to have to somehow try and limit this addiction, otherwise I am going to be playing on this thing instead of doing practice!


11 Responses to “It’s arrived!”

  1. daydreamingmel Says:

    But how did this happen…Tesco???!

  2. susananda Says:

    Yes, tell the Tesco story! Mucho impressive 🙂

    To select the predictive text, you just hit a space or your punctuation mark, if you don’t want it you hit the x. The predictive text is half excellent, half annoying, I’ll leave you to work that one out. One enhancement I’d like to see is the ability to change the dictionary (unless it’s already there and I don’t know).

    Honoured to be your first contact!

  3. Maria Says:

    get the sleep cycle alarm app

  4. Kai Says:

    If you do happen to find a ‘stand up from backbend’ ap, please send me the link. I NEED IT!!!! 😉 Congrats on your new toy. I’m jealous!

  5. Skippetty Says:

    I think it’s so funny that both you & Susan’s current posts are BOTH about phones, and not just any phone but the iPhone. TECH JUNKIES!!! ;p

  6. globie Says:

    Yes Mel, Tesco after a lot of mucking about. I am waiting to have my phone number moved over to the iphone.

    OK so how many of you have paid for the insurance, do you think its worth it?

  7. globie Says:

    The Tesco saga continued over the weekend, I got to the point of googling the Head Honcho Sir Terry Leahy and came across his work e-mail. Oh yes nothing like going to the top to complain! I sent him a long e-mail detailing Tesco’s abject failure and how I was pushed from pillar to post, not to mention hours listening to muzak. On Monday a guy from their Customer service called me, offering apologies and he was able to take my order and set the contract up. In the mean time I have had 2 more e-mail apologies from the CEO’s “Personal assistants” no less offering compensation in the form of a money card, hopefully when it arrives it will have some money on it! But yesterday my new phone duly arrived, though I am now waiting to have my number transfered.

    I never thought I would ever want an Apple product, but I can see its going to be addictive.

  8. Maria Says:

    Kai, if u ever find that app can you please please please let me know!! 🙂
    Then again, Apple do say “whatever u need, we’ve got an app for that” so, Steve Jobs GET ON IT!!!!

  9. susananda Says:

    Um insurance??? Looking back, i’d have taken it with the initial contract. Can’t believe you even have to ask with me around!!

    Hey Maria, I’ll try the sleep cycle thing again this weekend, afraid to try it during the week in case it doesn’t work since it got water-logged… but the times I did try before that, the test worked, but then it just woke me at the exact time I’d set ! So no benefit, nice music though..,,

  10. Pat Says:

    Congratulations! I guess I’m now the last one in the 20th century…..

  11. globie Says:

    I thought all Americans had one!

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