What’s the problem with Wednesday?

Up at 5.30, on my mat at 5.45, I had the intention, it was a warm morning, but there must just be something about Wednesday’s. Last Wednesday was abysmal, maybe that was on my mind, though I was determined not to leave my mat completely disillusioned with my efforts this time. Standing were slow, but not too bad, though the twisted Parsvakonasana lacked rotation today, the lower left side of my back seems to have tightened up for some reason.

Seated gradually deteriorated, monkey mind, lots going on today, whatever, I slogged through to Triang Mukha, my back tightening with every posture and each vinyasa, until upward dog was virtually undetectable. Out of the corner of my eye my little spiky massage ball appeared and I at once decided that Savasana with a tennis ball under my Piriformis and the spiky ball under the lower left side of my back would be a much better course of action than trying to slog through. A 20 minute luxury Savasana with the little balls pressing into those niggling points of discomfort, I am sure they are the trigger points for what goes on higher up my back and into my neck.  Hopefully the very hot shower after will stop me seizing up during the day.

My neighbours of 34 years are moving today, they have sold up and bought a place costing 70% of what they received and is retiring in March, jammy sod. I remember the day they moved in, I found their then 18month old daughter in my kitchen after she had followed my cat, I took her outside and looked for her Mum, I saw her over the fence and asked “does she belong to you?” This morning saying our goodbyes I mentioned that day and she said “You wont be able to do it now”, I laughed, the daughter is now 36 and the wrong side of 20 stones!


2 Responses to “What’s the problem with Wednesday?”

  1. Pat Says:

    Ah, our friends the tennis balls – what would we do without them?
    How times goes by so quickly – a poignant passage close to my heart. It’s time for us to go after 2 short years. Not ready yet, but they didn’t ask me. I wish I made it to London more often but I’m glad we got to meet in person and I will keep faithfully following your blog, time and internet access permitting.

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Pat,

    2 years is it that long, wow. It was great to met you and that you did make it down to London and practice with us a couple of times, thanks for reading and do keep in touch, especially when you run out of Bisto and Auntie Bessies and need some sending over. When do you leave?

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