Practice again

LOL Skippetty tech blogs, I decided that in order to have a practice I should turn my new toy off and not be tempted to check my e-mail, read blogs etc, I need to separate “I-time” from “Y-time”!

A far better practice this morning altogether, my mind was not all over the place. Practice does seem to be more about where the mind is at ,as opposed to the body’s daily flexibility. The whole process seems easier, standing were good, even got my head to the floor in Prasarita A, though the balances were not so wonderful.

Seated had a momentum that was completely lacking yesterday, I was sweaty and did jump backs on the vinyasas to keep that heat, I need the sweat for Supta K, at the Shala I can guarantee it will be there, but not at 06:34 at home, Mari D binding was more of a finger touch, but Supta K was bound both ends. By 7am I had done all of seated and Pasasana. Closing Backbends are still not a great experience at that time of day, I had planned to do some backbends last night, but never quite got round to it, what with my new toy! Even time for an 8 minute Savasana before breakfast.

Roll on home time I want to play


3 Responses to “Practice again”

  1. arturo Says:

    Dear Kevin
    Skippetty tech blogs? I love Skippetty photo journals, what would be Skippety tech blogs? such as the ones on bikes? hehe. I feel that if i get a new small camera I might get enthused about doing Skippety photo journals of my life about town.


  2. Pat Says:

    Can you get my mind into LBH? If you find THAT app, I’ll have to get an iPhone too.

  3. globie Says:

    The more I play with it the more I like it, tho Apple should employ Susan, she did a great job selling it!

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